Mother was going through the school diary. It had the details of the programme to be held on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. There were two categories. First was to come dressed as Gandhiji. Second was to find out about Gandhiji’s life and then tell others what you like most about Gandhiji.

Mother asked Anni “Anni, in which category of the competition would you like to participate?”

Anni said, “Ma, tell me something about Gandhiji.”

“Alright Anni,” said Mother.

After hearing about Gandhiji’s life from his childhood till he became the Mahatma, Anni was surprised. He also felt that all the children in their childhood are a little naughty, not listening to their elders and more interested in games and enjoyment etc….

But those who, with time, move ahead in the right direction are successful and satisfied in life. Also such people become capable enough to help and guide others.

Mother told Anni about the various interesting incidents which happened with Gandhiji and what he learnt from the different experiences of his life.

What Anni liked best was the fact that ‘No human being is bad, circumstances makes him bad’. It is the circumstances that change a common person into someone special and someone special into a common person. Therefore before calling any person bad and before hating him, it is important to understand his circumstances.

Word meaning

  • Capable – having the ability to do something
  • Circumstances – situation

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