Little Pinki has 5 wishes on her fairy phone account. How will she use them?

Little Pinki was combing her hair. She had beautiful black hair, nicely set to shoulder length. But she was not happy with it. “My hair is short and straight. I want long curly hair like Minki didi”, she thought out loud. “It’s time I did something about it.” She picked up her Fairy-Phone and checked for her balance of wishes. “Hurray! Five wishes are available in my account”, she exclaimed in happiness.

This was a gadget era. Fairy god mother closely watched all deeds of each and every person by a tracking device attached to their wrists. And they were given points for each piece of good work. If she found anyone doing anything wrong or inappropriate, points were deducted from their account. On accumulation of ten thousand points in someone’s account, Fairy god mother granted a wish, any wish.

Pinki was a good girl with a large heart. She always helped others. And with each good act, her score of points went up. Pinki wrote her wish in the Fairy Phone and pressed enter. Soon a message flashed on the screen. “Pinki, you are a good girl. I’d be happy to grant you your wish.” And far somewhere the Fairy god mother moved her magic wand. Pinki looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe her eyes. Her hair was now curly and long. She thanked the Fairy god mother gratefully and started jumping with joy.

Soon she found that life was not easy with long curly hair. Combing and pleating them every day was very cumbersome.  And washing long hair took so much of her time. “I don’t want long hair any more. I wish I could have short hair again, but of silver.” She typed in her Fairy Phone. And POOF! The Fairy god mother moved her magic wand again.

The wish granting fairy phone

Pinki’s hair turned exactly the way she wanted it to be. “Wow!” She was on cloud nine. But in a few days’ time she started feeling that she looked like an old lady with silver hair.

“I want my hair to be of gold, O Fairy god mother!” Pinki wished on her Fairy Phone. And her wish was granted again. Now she had hair of gleaming gold. But soon she realised her mistake. She was walking around with a treasure on her head. What if someone wanted to steal all that gold and harm her?

She then came up with a new idea. “O Fairy god mother! Please make my hair of crystal.” She wrote again on her Fairy Phone. And it was done immediately. For the entire day she kept flaunting her new dazzling hair to her friends. But when it was time to sleep, she found a new problem. When she would put her head on the pillow, all her crystal hair would get broken. She thought hard but could not think of any solution. Then she checked on her Fairy Phone and she found one wish still left in her balance. She sent a request to the Fairy god mother one last time. “I wish to have my own hair back.” Soon she could feel her black short hair on her head and she smiled joyfully. Far away the Fairy god mother was also smiling.

Word meanings:

  • Accumulation – Collection; Gathering
  • Cumbersome – Difficult to manage
  • Flaunting – Showing off; Displaying

Values learnt:

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The wish granting fairy phone
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