“Hello… Good evening!” articulated a woman. Her brows placed upon her azure eyes frowned a little as she looked upon a reluctant boy staring at her dreamy eyes. He conveyed a sense of similarity towards the woman.

She wasn’t the type of being who’d awkwardly study a young lad. However, the similarities conceived from the same boy were so distinctive and elaborate that her elite mannerism of appreciating a child’s personality and beauty was consigned to oblivion.

Soon, the boy replied, aware of the awkwardness already settled in between, “Good evening, aunty. My name is Abhishek.” He repeated the same sentence again and again in his head to check if there were any grammatical errors. She briskly replied, “There is no need to be so formal please. You can call me by name.”

“No, that would be rude considering your age to be way older than mine. Besides, my mother…” He paused, looking back at Shameena, “…my real mother always told me to respect everyone. Even if…” He looked at Shameena again. “…they hurt you.” Shameena at once glanced at Abhishek. Drops of remorse formed in her eyes, she tried to control them by looking at the sky above her, afraid to show her tears.

“Um, do you want to drink something? Coke, coffee?” she asked Abhishek and stared back onto the distant dusky skies pertaining shades of pink spluttered elegantly filled by the symmetrical flying collaboration of birds.

“A Coke would be fine, thank you.” He replied, bringing her attention back to his existence. He was well mannered and valuably conserved.

“Okay. Why don’t you go find a place for us while I go order your drink?” I purposely enunciated the words to sound mature and well experienced with my diction. She was charmed by his diction and morals.

I strutted to the counter repeating my words; however, the more I repeated them the more I would find fault in it. “Excuse me, Ma’am?” Spoke an irritated man standing gruesomely across the counter. His face wore a frown still continuing after my attention was brought back to him.

“Do you have any idea as to how many people are behind you? Can you please give me your order ASAP so that my time, your time or their time wouldn’t get wasted?” He continued bluntly. I turned around and viewed the line behind me. As I couldn’t view them clearly, I took off my sunglasses. Yes, the line was long with mainly or rather ‘only’ enraged human beings impatiently staring at me. However, in a matter of seconds, their face lightened a little and suddenly, they started circling themselves around me asking me for autographs and photographs.

I turned back and replied after some waiters and waitresses pushed and got them away from me. Looking at his small badge crisply pinned on his shirt I pronounced, “I don’t think they’re really that upset with me…Sameer.”

“I sincerely apologize for having talked to you so rudely.” He exclaimed dramatically.

“Please. Don’t be. It was entirely my fault. Anyway, please take my order.”

“Certainly!” I recited the order to him – a Coke and a cup of coffee. I finally approached the table where the little boy sat meekly, his dreamy eyes focused on the tray that I carried tenderly.

As soon as I reached the table, a question from his subtle smile adamantly plopped onto me. “Wow! You really must be very popular!” He smirked and I smiled.

Finally!’ I thought to myself. He was finally impressed by me.

“Bet they don’t know the actual story.” He snickered as he looked at me cunningly. All of a sudden I froze. A strong shiver ran through my body. His cold words pierced sharply into me.

“Huh?” I reluctantly replied. That was all I could answer. I was disappointed and frustrated. ‘Even after all this?’ I silently felt the burn. He undoubtedly said something so obtrusive that it hit me. Hard.

“Even after all this? You bluntly comprehend such a vague sentence?” I thought aloud.

“Talking to me sweetly and giving me a bottle of Coca-cola doesn’t change the fact that you abandoned me only two days after I was born!” He screamed. Yes. I abandoned him. The memory sharpened itself onto my thoughts. I couldn’t forget the guilt that kept building onto me for the past seven years.

“Why did you come here?” He screamed out loud, making everyone surrounding our table stare at us, especially at me. I was embarrassed but I had to answer his glaring eyes.

“Um, I wanted to see you-”

“My face!?” he interrupted. This made them look at me from a closer look. I foolishly kept smiling at them, but none of that worked, they continued the gaping.

“Actress Shameena Kumari in search of her child.” He read it out loud from an article which was cut tenderly by him. It looked worn out and old, which meant that he valuably stored the article.

“I know that you’re only using me as your ‘masseuse’ to gain better publicity considering the way you’ve misused your popularity and glamour. However, I am not interested in being part of your life anymore.” Abhishek scowled unapologetically at me.

“You aren’t a masseuse Abhishek! You are my son and you have no idea how sorry I am! Try to understand. Please!” She begged even though she knew deep down that the blunt words Abhishek threw at her were true.

He smirked for another minute and then added, “Okay, Why did you want to meet me?”

“I’ve been feeling guilty…. Am…Abhishek. Sorry, I used to call you Aman before…” she paused as she looked at her coffee. “…okay I want to tell you the actual reason why I…” She confessed.

“Okay, continue.” Abhishek patiently replied.

“Um, two days after you were born, I received a letter from my producer which said that I couldn’t act in the movie because of my maternity responsibility and that if I wanted to act, I’d have to give you up. Let me tell you, I was a new actor. I hadn’t enough money to buy the necessary items for your health and the movie that I were to act in, would give me many contacts and obviously money.”

“Wow. I cannot believe this. You gave up on me for fame?”

“No Abhishek! No. Oh god, you don’t understand! After the movie got over, I came back to your…parents. But, they told me to go away. They demanded my disappearance from your life. I would drive by to where you stayed; first openly until they called the police and falsely blamed me for disruption of privacy-”

“What! They really did that? I don’t know who to believe! If this story is really true, then come over now. Please.”

He wanted to believe her. He was giving her a second chance. ‘How could I say ‘no’ to him!’ She thought to herself.

“Surely,” she wore a smile trying to sound calm. But inside, she was ecstatic.

“Cool,” he briefly answered.

The walk towards the car was silent. Even as we drove amongst the lush green leaves of the brightly glowing trees, and the swaying roads encircling the hills, we never spoke a sword.

Abhishek, with a hopeful voice, stated calmly, “I just hope whatever you said there, is true. I want to believe you so I hope you don’t shatter my life…again.” ‘I only hope you believe me too.’ She thought to herself.

As they exited the car, her past came flashing loudly within her eyes. It was almost dark; silence was slowly being achieved by the whole gloomy scene as dusk set in. Her thoughts were racing rapidly, as she recalled herself crying along the journey with a young Abhishek, silently gazing upon the blue sky, the mellow trees and the chirpy birds. The reminiscent thoughts were slowly turning into gloomy recreations. She still remembered the words that she spoke to the little lad engulfed in the warmth of his pram.

“Take care of yourself. I promise you, that I will come back.”

Buzz!’ The doorbell rang, awakening her towards her present.

“It must be Abhishek. I’ll get the door.” His mother enunciated. “Oh Ab-” His mother’s excitement suddenly scowled. “What is she doing here?” she screamed at him.

“What she always wanted to do! I know the whole story Mom! Why did you hide this from me?!” He scowled.

“What did I hide?! This woman-”

“Don’t you dare talk about her?” He whined angrily and within a second, tears formed into the lady’s night gown. She cried the tears that I once cried. She felt the pain and the distress that I felt. She kept crying as he narrated the story.

“…and you never told me anything about this?” He ruthlessly kept questioning her.

“Come on Mom.” He stated this time looking at me.

“I want to go home…unless you don’t want…”

“No! I’ve been waiting for this day!”

I cried as he hugged me. “I’m sorry for-”

“Don’t. Misunderstandings happen,” I replied.

“I wanted your son okay? I was always jealous of you being famous-”

“Continue being that. Bye.” Abhishek commented interrupting her jealous, sleazy words. They rode back home that day. Shameena got her son back. No one could question Shameena’s relationships anymore. It was a new thing, the best thing ever.

It was the best feeling ever…

Word meanings:

  • Azure – the blue colour of the sky
  • Oblivion – the state of something that is not remembered
  • Enunciated – to pronounce words or parts of words clearly
Background music: NirvanaVEVO (Chris Zabriskie) / CC BY 4.0
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