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Ms. Nidhi Jha holds a masters degree in social work from Delhi University. She has over 12 years of experience working with children with development issues. She has extensive experience counselling adolescent children both in India and abroad. She has worked with children’s services of the U.K. government and delivered services for children in need. She also conducts personality enhancement workshops for children and adolescents.

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I will give my board exams this year and will have to choose my stream, science, Arts or commerce. I am confused what to take. Generally students from science stream are considered most intelligent and my parents are also recommending science for me as I secured very well in pre-boards. But Arts, social media, journalism interests me a lot and I think I should take arts. What to do?



Your confusion is natural. We all go through this phase. Some decisions are crucial but little difficult to make. It is good to take advice from your elders, your parents or uncle/aunts as they have more experience than you and can guide you correctly. Also, try and find which subjects in science or arts you will have to study and check for yourself if you will be able to do well in them. Your performance in the subjects you choose matter more than your choice. No matter what you choose, you must aim to do your best. So, think about it. Though you have mentioned, Arts stream interests you, it is important to have a look at other streams and see if the options interest you.
You could meet up a psychologist and take up an aptitude test. That really helps to determine your potential and aptitude. You could also google aptitude tests and go for few online tests to test your aptitude yourself.
All the very best!


I am 12 years old. I am very irritated since last few weeks. Last night I slapped my younger brother as he was playing with my things in my room. I am very restless and confused most of the times and I feel like hitting someone or breaking things. I got a scolding from my mom last week as I broke the window glass in anger. I don’t know what to do. No one understands me.



My dear friend,
You are probably going through mood swings. It is very common for children of your age to experience confusion, irritability, anger and frustration. Your brain is developing, your hormones are changing and you are getting enriched with variety of experiences around you. Thus, it is very important for you to understand that you need to make efforts to manage your mood swings so you are not harmed and you don’t harm your near and dear ones. Do not worry, mood swings are perfectly normal and are a part of growing up. Whenever you feel angry or irritated, try any of the following:
• Start writing a diary. Writing offers a good outlet to one’s feelings and is a great habit to adopt. Write each day about what and how you feel. It will surely calm you down.
• Go out for jogging when you feel upset. This helps to channelize your energy and you will feel light and fresh.
• Find yourself a mentor- a friend, parent, uncle or aunt with whom you can speak your heart out in times of distress. This is a great help and you can learn from their experience.
Remember, mood swings can be managed. You just need to be determined. All the best.

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