Being prim and proper is not my cup of tea and I guess that gives me the freedom to start this story in a way I want. I don’t believe you need to start with names and details. You’ll be transported to a good five years ago. It was just another house, just another family, as it seemed, on the streets of London. Yes, like any other Sam and Tom nobody knew me. I was just Robert, any other Robert. I didn’t know myself much, either. My family was my father and mother, until my fifth birthday. Robby. I was given Robby, a rabbit. He was just a white, fur ball who graduated to gain the title of my best friend and companion. How? What? When? Why? Will be the questions that would be striking your mind like the incessant falling droplets that fall when it rains. Slowly, your questions will be answered but calm your mind at the present is all I say.

The factual stuff is like a ceremony to be completed so here it goes. As I said I am Robert. I have a mother, had a father and have no human siblings. I naturally didn’t have anyone much to play with at home and I didn’t fancy toys. Hence I was gifted Robby. I have a story to tell. It was four days after my birthday that there was a crash in the garden wall. It was loud. It scared me and Robby too. After that Dad never appeared and far worse occurred when mom shifted all the stuff to one floor on the top and my room too. We both felt crammed in a small space moreover my room was given to a fat, ugly looking boy with red lips that bulged out awkwardly. He came with a dog, the hideous kind who always scampered under the feeling that he should trouble us in any sort he could. He would come and hide my things then look innocent when I told his master. He would also sometimes leave dirty marks on my floor and I would often be scolded by mom.

I’ll start with our journey when he had turned one. That evening I was in a sulky mood and was tired. He was playing on my favourite couch and I can’t believe I threw him down. He probably got hurt but like him he didn’t say a thing. It was a sunny afternoon and I thought I rather walk through the wood. What’s more is that I didn’t care to take Robby with me. It ended with a mess and I was lost. It was quite like the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ . It was a chilly night by the time I realised all I was doing was getting round and round myself in circles. Much of despair seized me and I sat down in a shady corner and heard the chilling sounds. Something creepy-crawly moved down my back and I felt terrible. What next I did was to fold my hands in a prayer and wish that a saviour would turn up. My prayers were answered, like a miracle. Right as I thought I would be attacked by monkeys or growling bears, a trotting rabbit emerged out of the bushes. “Robby!”. Indeed it was him.

What he did to me - Tanvi Nagar

Suddenly my mistakes came crashing upon me and I realised how bad I had been to him. After he had guided me home and I had eaten a wholesome meal, I lay awake in bed. That’s when he taught me a first lesson, unknowingly or knowingly that for me it was possible to spend time alone, with friends and much more but for him it was only me. Our bond strengthened a lot after that evening.

Another important thing he taught me was to value what we have. Naturally, I didn’t keep a liking to the room on the top floor which looked like an attic. It smelt bad and seemed disgusting but to him a home was a home. It gave him shelter and he was grateful that he had it. He would jump, play and enjoy all day if I didn’t take him out. It made him happy. Even the garden covered which cigars and a distinguished awful smell wouldn’t trouble him much. He would treat them like a maze and try and find his way out.

He did so many funny things in the long journey and one day he was curled up in a ball that looked furry and nice. I placed an uneaten orange and he looked like a fried egg. My mom almost mistook him for that. Then one day while I was getting scolded by mom. I think it was something usual for keeping my room quite untidy. I was in the midst of explaining, that he turned the music on. People think animals are not intelligent but they are. It was so loud that mom went away to see the radio and find the victim and interrogate him. By the time mom found what had happened, she had pretty much forgotten about scolding me. He was with us all the time and every room we went he tagged along. We got so used to of seeing a furry ball with pink ears moving with us. He changed my personality and gave me a new perspective to life.

I can’t narrate every incident that took place when I was with him but I can thank him for sharing his short and sweet life with both of us. That’s how I come to the end of the first account I have ever written. Again, I was a bit abrupt so I’ll detail it. One morning I found our furry ball missing from the usual place he occupied on the bed. What’s more he was not to be seen anywhere in the house. We searched the woods, the garden, and literally all the places you could think of. I went mad. Really mad. I searched the houses next door, barged onto their roofs and didn’t go to school. I don’t know what happened because the big boy and his dog had been out that evening. They hadn’t returned till the next afternoon. Mom remains pretty silent about it all. Could it be that he fell sick that night or else. Or else what? I don’t know but probably your guesses work this time. I wonder if he misses me like the way I do. Till then all I can do is sit on my couch and lie in eternal wait and treasure memories of good times.

What he did to me
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