Adventures Of Aquina: Reaching The Sky

Adventures of Aquina: Reaching the sky

Aquina was a tiny water droplet in a big lake. “See Momma! The sky is so beautiful. I want to…

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The Boxville Chronicles – Mr. Big Box Saves The Day

The boxville chronicles – Mr. Big Box saves the day

In a huge country called House, there was the small and colorful city of Boxville. Boxville was entirely made up…

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Slaying The Demon

Slaying the demon

The aliens had just landed on planet Earth. From the universe, this blue planet seemed very inviting. As the heavy…

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The Witty Prince

The witty prince

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Pinyang. It was ruled by a brave king Shin-Li. The king…

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The Night Party

The night party

Sid hated the night as it made him feel lonely and gave him a fright. When he went to bed,…

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Kunal And The Genie’s Magical Robot

Kunal and the genie’s magical robot

“Today again your homework is incomplete! It has many mistakes in it too. I have told you uncountable number of…

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The Closet

The closet

Vidisha was swinging in her garden and humming one of her favourite tunes. As she glanced at the porch of…

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The Demon Sage

The demon sage

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a small village by the riverside. It was green and beautiful.…

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The Night When Crayons Came To Life (part 1)

The night when crayons came to life (part 1)

As the school bell rang, all the students exclaimed with joy. Sadhna Madam, the drawing teacher in grade 4, squeezed…

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The Psychology Of Addiction

The psychology of addiction

We all know addiction to anything is bad for us and we must avoid it at all costs. But it’s…

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The Redemption

The redemption

“Physics?” “Well, Mom, the last lecture is of Physics. So, I need to carry that textbook.” I said to my…

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It’s Gone Now

It’s gone now

It’s gone now! I hid it far away in a dungeon, No king no warrior can find it. For years…

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The Arrogance Of Chanchal

The arrogance of Chanchal

Chanchal, the baby monkey jumped from one branch to another. Suddenly he saw Samajhdar, the elephant, who headed the annual…

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Arun – The Average Student

Arun – the average student

Arun packed his school bag for the last time. The study leave for the 10th standard public examinations would be…

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Mentor Those Who Fail, Do Not Insult Them

Mentor those who fail, do not insult them

It was lunch hour in school and many children were playing in the lawn. Ritu, Suman, Raji and a few…

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New Beginnings

New beginnings

Siya had just returned home from tuition. She was not her usual chirpy self at home. Her mother enquired if…

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Parents Will Do Everything For Me

Parents will do everything for me

“Can I help you in the kitchen today?” Shanti asked her mother on a weekend holiday. Her mother replied “No…

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Making Up Stories

Making up stories

Sumer learns the hard way that making up stories can lead to soured relationships. Sumer and I are walking to…

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Republic Day And National Bravery Awards

Republic Day and National Bravery Awards

Today we will tell you about the National Bravery Awards given for bravery and courage. This award is given to…

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The Frog And The Storm: A Story Of Survival

The frog and the storm: a story of survival

Facing a lot of adversity, the frog teaches us an important lesson through this story of survival. We all have…

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Sonu Learns Time Management

Sonu learns time management

It was 6:30 a.m. Sonu was absolutely thrilled to meet his counterpart on planet Creeta, in the neighbouring solar system.…

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A Mouse In The House

A mouse in the house

I have this great fear of creepy crawlies, lizards and mice. They make me feel all icky and weird but…

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The Spooky House

The spooky house

Anish, Rohan and Lakshya were looking forward to their autumn break in October. These holidays were always fun. The weather…

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The Foaming River

The foaming river

It poured through the night. Towards dawn the raindrops slowed to a gentle patter. A cold breeze blew down the…

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I Don’t Want To Go To School Today

I don’t want to go to school today

Radhika does not want to go to school today so makes an excuse. Will her mother guess what is wrong…

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The Boxville Chronicles – Teaching By Example

The Boxville chronicles – Teaching by example

Mrs. Folder, the wise teacher in Boxville gives the little cartons exercises to teach them about caring, sharing and getting…

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Rising Above

Rising above

It was 11:00 am. Rameez was just about to leave for his short recess when he heard a voice summon…

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Sunil Learns To Overcome Exam Phobia

Sunil learns to overcome exam phobia

Fifteen minutes were left for the Chemistry test to begin! Sunil’s heart was palpitating so severely that he felt it…

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Poltu Piglet’s Rumbling Stomach – Leading A Healthy Life

Poltu Piglet’s Rumbling Stomach – leading a healthy life

Poltu piglet was lazy and he loved to eat. Soon he realised that needed to lead a healthy life. Poltu…

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Getting To Know Her

Getting to know her

Do I even know you? There was no answer. She simply stared back at me, mute - a spectator to…

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Go Clean, Go Green

Go clean, go green

Mohit and Seema reached school at 7 A.M.They were really excited as it was Environment Week and they were comperes…

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Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day is celebrated annually on the 5th of September. It started from the year 1962 because it is the…

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How Sharmila Decided What To Wear For Her School Picnic

How Sharmila decided what to wear for her school picnic

It was Saturday evening and Sharmila was extremely excited about the picnic at Gulab Bagh which she would be enjoying…

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Parks And The Parkers

Parks and the parkers

The equation is  both  as simple and  as  complex as “who came first”- the parks or the parkers.  Whosoever did,…

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Try Till You Succeed

Try till you succeed

Even famous people such as Amitabh Bachchan and Walk Disney have been rejected. Remember to try till you succeed. It…

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How Originality Prevents Disappointment

How originality prevents disappointment

Sakshi and Sahiti are good friends. Sakshi, however, wants to outdo Sahiti in something that the Sahiti is very good…

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The Party That Wasn’t

The party that wasn’t

Rahil’s parents had to tend to an emergency in the family and left the house in his care. Will Rahil…

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Mini Switzerland To Switzerland

Mini Switzerland to Switzerland

Soma and Seema were about to embark on a memorable holiday to mini Switzerland when their father has some bad…

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Aahana’s Corner In Heaven – Part 3

Aahana’s corner in heaven – part 3

Aahana and her family travel to the north east of India and discover heaven on Earth. Join the family on…

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Never Give Up, Little Fellas

Never give up, little fellas

Little fellas, do not give up ever. Just keep trying forever, No matter how dark is the sky and how…

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There Is A Victory In Every Loss

There is a victory in every loss

Radha desperately wants to join the school choir. Inspite of failing in the auditions, she learns an important lesson of…

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Acting Against Disappointment

Acting against disappointment

Read the heart warming tale of how Vikas gets over his disappointment to become a star performer. Vikas and Kunal…

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Cheraw – The Bamboo Dance Of Mizoram

Cheraw – The bamboo dance of Mizoram

When I was in the first or the second grade at school I saw my seniors perform an intriguing dance…

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The Importance Of Humour In Life

The importance of humour in life

Saswati, the class topper wants to do better than ever. On a constant journey of perfection, she realises the importance…

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Holiday With A Difference

Holiday with a difference

Getting bored at home, Veer decides to visit his grandparents. Little did he know that this would turn into a…

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Wonderful World

Wonderful world

Sid was a little seed. He lived in a small, dark bunker in the soil. It was cold and closed…

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Aahana’s Corner In Heaven – Part 2

Aahana’s corner in heaven – part 2

Aahana and her family travel to the north east of India and discover heaven on Earth. Join the family on…

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I am Magic! Oh trust me, I am. I have the power of sight! I see the beautiful world, The…

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My Learning

My learning

Long ago, in the village of Gorakhpur lived a thief named Gajar. He used to steal and rob at nights…

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Anwesha Learns About True Sense Of Humour

Anwesha learns about true sense of humour

A Diwali mela is a collection of shops and wonderful places to eat. On a visit to one such mela,…

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The Human Touch – III

The human touch – III

Ever wondered how a tree feels? The human touch is an environmental article written from the perspective of a jamun…

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Funny Rhyming Song

Funny rhyming song

Come on children, let’s play a game, find the words that end the same I saw a dog, riding a…

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On A Tiger Safari – In Search Of A Tiger

On a tiger safari – in search of a tiger

Saurabh and Rishabh are very excited. They are going for their first tiger safari and are in search of the elusive…

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Wandering Tales

Wandering tales

I love travelling… It is more like wandering as I tend to visit places on a whim and without any…

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Coloured In India’s Culture

Coloured in India’s culture

Ford Chan learnt many things about India’s culture on his holiday. Ford Chan had just landed in India with his…

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A Trip To India

A trip to India

Smriti and Rajan were missing India. During their Christmas vacations, there was one thing they wanted to do and that…

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Our School Trip To Nainital

Our school trip to Nainital

Every year my school organises a trip to a beautiful part of India. This year the school trip is going to…

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The True Wonder Of Taj Mahal

The true wonder of Taj Mahal

Ever thought about the true wonder of Taj Mahal? In history class today, the children recall their experiences of visiting…

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Heritage Walk – Keep Your City Clean

Heritage walk – keep your city clean

Valley Public School has organised a heritage walk in Delhi for the students. What the children see there shocks them into…

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Journey Across India To The Last Town (Part II)

Journey across India to the Last Town (Part II)

Navratna and Sitaraji’s journey across India continues to deliver Diwali firecrackers to the children in the village. 13th October, Day…

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The Big Move

The big move

The Oberoi family have a big move coming up. How will their three dogs Cherie, Tamara and Honey react to…

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The King With A Tail

The King with a tail

Many years ago, in India, there lived a king named Chandra Bhanu. He was a good king who ruled his…

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Weird World: Silly Sounding Syndromes

Weird world: Silly sounding syndromes

Alice In Wonderland, Othello, Alien Hand, Vampire, Exploding Head, Walking Corpse, Paris, Jerusalem, Tree Man, Stone Man… Friends, these aren’t…

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Manju Rescues Kalu From Hooligans

Manju rescues Kalu from hooligans

It was a beautiful summer morning in Ranchi. The sun shone over the dewdrops, making them glitter like diamonds. The…

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Good Deeds

Good deeds

It was yet another day for the people of Rampur except for the students; for they had their last final…

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Silent Heroes

Silent heroes

Raj, Puja and Vikram were the silent heroes who helped the police to nab criminals who were targeting a minister.…

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When A Young Star Met The Moon

When a young star met the moon

When a young star met the moon, he mistrusted it because the moon was different and alone. It was a…

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Aahana’s Corner In Heaven – Part 1

Aahana’s corner in heaven – part 1

Aahana and her family travel to the north east of India and discover heaven on Earth. Join the family on…

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My Hero

My hero

Red shades and a messy hairdo, Dangly locket around her neck, Loose pants and Ill fitting t-shirt There she stood…

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The Tribals

The tribals

Living, since my birth in Delhi more than 60 years ago, I have only a faint appreciation of what tribals…

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Suchi Faces Her Fear

Suchi faces her fear

Suchi is afraid of heights. In this story, she shows her bravery and conquers her fear of heights as she…

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Crack An Interview Like A Pro

Crack an interview like a pro

Wouldn’t you like to know how to do well in an interview? Here are 13 great tips to help you…

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Angels Do Exist

Angels do exist

Arun is a trained diver. One day, when he is in trouble while diving, will an angel come to his…

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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

The best birthday gift ever

Rohan’s birthday is around the corner. This year his Dadaji gives him the best birthday gift ever – a magic…

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Tales From Khushpur: The Joy Of Giving

Tales from Khushpur: The joy of giving

This Diwali, Mahi and Augustya learn the joy of giving. They learn from their parents how to be generous and…

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The Wish Granting Fairy Phone

The wish granting fairy phone

Little Pinki has 5 wishes on her fairy phone account. How will she use them? Little Pinki was combing her…

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How A Little Girl Was Saved By Lions

How a little girl was saved by lions

Having seen lions on TV, Priyanka is suffering from nightmares. Read the modern day fairy tale that her mother shares…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – Story Of Statue Madanmohini

32 stories of the throne – Story of statue Madanmohini

In this episode of the 32 stories of the throne, Madanmohini recalls an experience of King Vikramaditya which shows his…

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Go Green

Go green

This article will inspire you to go green, with various tips. Ever since life came into being, man has been…

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Stop That Noise Pollution

Stop that noise pollution

Class nine of Summerhill High School get together to raise awareness about the noise pollution plaguing our surroundings. There was…

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Talking Tony’s Clean Habits

Talking Tony’s clean habits

Akshat’s Jimmy uncle taught him clean habits in the most unique and entertaining manner! “Your Jimmy Uncle is coming to…

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A Cloud Of Dreams – Beauty In Nature

A cloud of dreams – Beauty in nature

It takes a child’s innocence to find beauty in nature. Ayesha finds beauty in clouds and animals. As a little…

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The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Wallet

The mysterious case of the missing wallet

Daksh is faced with a mysterious case of his father’s missing wallet. Can he solve it like his detective hero?…

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The Junior Chef

The junior chef

Ram loved cooking for his family. He decides to take part in the Super Chef Junior competition in India. It…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Priyadarshani

32 stories of the throne – The story of Statue Priyadarshani

In the next story of  '32 stories of the throne', statue Priyardshini tells King Bhoj about King Vikramditya’s kind-heartedness. On…

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Adventures Of Aquina In The Water Cycle – The Heavy Water

Adventures of Aquina in the Water Cycle – The Heavy Water

In Aquina’s journey through the water cycle, he learns about heavy water. “Hey, here you are. I've been looking for…

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Herr Handwriting – Learn About Graphologists

Herr handwriting – learn about graphologists

Ever heard of graphologists? Read this article to learn about the amazing world of handwriting. “Hey Anju!  Have you seen…

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Maria’s Mind

Maria’s mind

Maria is the topper in her class. However, when a new student joins the class she faces a battle of the…

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Inner Beauty

Inner beauty

Wanting to look beautiful, Reena searches on the internet and goes on a strict diet. When she falls seriously ill…

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The Nervous Giant – Overcome Your Fears

The nervous giant – overcome your fears

Maya has moved to a new city and a new school. She has no friends, but in this story we learn…

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Giving Up

Giving up

A little twirl a little pop, She was dancing with her toes apart, Swirling in circles round and round, She…

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Road To Wisdom

Road to wisdom

Raghav's father uses the example of a tiger to share his wisdom and explain how demonetisation works.  Raghav had just read…

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The Four Magical Sentences

The four magical sentences

Ronita is sad and upset as her parents do not have the time to spend with her. Her friend, Anwesha, teaches…

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Mithu The Parrot Grows Up

Mithu the parrot grows up

Mithu is in a hurry to grow up and be like the other parrots in Sher Baug forest. However, being…

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Eye Health Is Real Wealth

Eye health is real wealth

We give you some practical tips to maintain your eye health. Eyes are the most precious gift given to us…

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How Your Garment Can Give You Culture Shock

How your garment can give you culture shock

The author realises that culture shock is not restricted to experiences in a different country. One can experience it with…

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Journey Into The Future

Journey into the future

Wobbly, the witch, makes a journey into the future, where she sees technology replacing magic. The Magic Conclave was about…

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Away From Home

Away from home

Rohan learns about another culture when he lives away from home. Rohan rushed home after school. He shouted, "Mom! Mom!…

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Know Your Universe – The Rock

Know your universe – The Rock

How well do you know your universe and it’s planets? Read this interesting story. When the tiny rock opened its…

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Going To A New School

Going to a new school

Anu is going to a new school. How does she feel? “Congrats, Anu Beta!” Dad was beaming with pride. “Hi…

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Adventures Of Aquina In The Water Cycle – Raining Acid

Adventures of Aquina in the Water Cycle – Raining Acid

Aquina’s life in the water cycle teaches him about hard and soft water. Aquina was a water droplet and he…

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Dealing With Culture Shock

Dealing with culture shock

An exchange student describes her experience of dealing with culture shock. Since I have been an exchange student, I get…

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Changing Times

Changing times

It’s the 21st century, busy in our mobile and video games, All we want is to win Life has become…

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Mishka’s Travel To China

Mishka’s Travel to China

Mishka’s travel to China teaches her about a new culture. Mishka Mouse, who lived a peaceful and lazy life in…

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A New Environment

A new environment

Mala writes to her friend from the UK about settling into her new environment. My Dear Seema, I am so…

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Earth Day

Earth Day

On Earth day, think about our impact on the environment. “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to…

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Grandparent’s Love

Grandparent’s love

Mihika realized that grandparent’s love is more important than how modern they were. It was a warm sunny morning. Mihika’s…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Taramati

32 Stories of the Throne – The Story of Statue Taramati

In the next story of 32 stories of the throne, Taramati talks about King Vikramaditya’s hospitality. On the seventeenth day,…

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Glory To Gory – Spoken By An Old Tree

Glory to gory – spoken by an old tree

An old tree provide support to animals, despite it's age. However, humans do not care for them.  Ageing is common…

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Saving Lives – Animal Safety

Saving lives – animal safety

Saira and her friends start a campaign for animal safety in their town. Saira lived in a sleepy little town…

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Safety Tips For Online Friendships

Safety Tips for Online Friendships

Arunima learns that one must follow certain safety tips for online friendships. It was Friday evening and Arunima was extremely…

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry

When Neha forgets her umbrella and catches a cold, she realises that it is better to be safe than sorry.…

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Drive Safely

Drive safely

Always drive safely. Learn from Rohan and his friends who were irresponsible. It was 9:00 p.m. Rohan and his friends…

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Tales From Khushpur: After The Excitement Of Coronation

Tales from Khushpur: After the Excitement of Coronation

Last month we read about Mahi’s coronation after she won the archery competition. Now we read what happens next in…

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Safety First – Road Safety

Safety First – Road Safety

Saurav learns road safety from his mistake. Saurav was a boy your age. He was a happy-go-lucky child who did…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Satyawati

32 stories of the Throne – The story of Statue Satyawati

In this chapter of 32 stories of the throne, King Vikramaditya proves to be a generous king. Once again king…

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Rules Are Good

Rules are good

Bobby goes on a class trip and learns that rules are good to follow as they keep us safe. Bobby…

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All About The Lunar Eclipse

All about the lunar eclipse

Do you know all there is to know about a lunar eclipse? Read this article and get to know the…

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Un-important – A Case Of Sibling Rivalry

Un-important – a case of sibling rivalry

I found my new baby sister very annoying as she took up all of my parent’s time. Find out how…

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Mom Is Not A Chef: A Homemaker’s Story

Mom is not a Chef: a Homemaker’s Story

The author’s father stresses the importance of treating their mother’s cooking with respect, given her workload as a homemaker. It…

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Keeping The House Clean Is Everybody’s Business – Being A Family

Keeping the house clean is everybody’s business – being a family

Being a family means much more than just living together. It also means sharing responsibilities and chores around the house.…

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Tales From Khushpur: Mahi’s Coronation

Tales from Khushpur: Mahi’s Coronation

In the third part of Mahi and Augustya’s story, read about the royal coronation ceremony as Mahi is poised to…

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The Milky Way

The Milky Way

Our holidays were a great time for us cousins to learn from one another. During one such holiday, I learnt about…

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Science: My Remedy

Science: My Remedy

Oh! It was so beautiful, Now that I think about it! A tiny girl prancing, In the shower of leaves.…

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The Science Of Living Things

The science of living things

Some things are living and some things are non-living. Let us understand the difference between a stone and a human…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Madanvati

32 stories of the Throne – The Story of Statue Madanvati

In the next edition of 32 stories of the throne, statue Madanvati recounts the story of Vikramaditya’s sacrifice and courage.…

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Dreaming Of A Nightmare

Dreaming of a nightmare

Zeeshan loves his bedtime stories. But on this occasion the bedtime story feels too real. Is it a nightmare or…

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Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles

Jia loves blowing bubbles. One night, she gets a chance to visit bubbleland and meet with the bubblians. Join her…

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Intelligence Unleashed – The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

Intelligence unleashed – the theory of multiple intelligences

Who is intelligent? Who is not? Disha's and Saksham's teacher explains the theory of multiple intelligences. A few students were…

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The Fact Of The Cat And More Superstitions

The fact of the cat and more superstitions

Do you believe in superstitions? Ever wondered what is the science behind them? Read this article that explores the myth…

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Wiggo The Wisest Owl Of All

Wiggo the wisest owl of all

In this story, the chipmunks are causing trouble. But there is always help on the way. Read on to find…

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Grandma Is Always Right

Grandma is always right

Mohita learns the hard way that Grandma is always right. Read this story of how she finds out and the…

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Three Steps Forward – Cat Myth Vs Facts

Three steps forward – cat myth vs facts

Is it bad luck when a cat crosses your path? In this story about cat myth vs facts, Asha learns…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Prabodhwati

32 stories of the throne – The story of Statue Prabodhwati

In the next edition of 32 stories of the throne, Prabodhwati tells a story about Vikramaditya’s kind-heartedness. Once again, on…

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Colour Codes – Science Behind Different Colours

Colour codes – science behind different colours

Ever wondered why the traffic lights are red, orange and green? Or why taxis are yellow? Read this article to…

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Adventures Of Aquina In The Water Cycle – Nature’s Fury

Adventures of Aquina in the water cycle – nature’s fury

In the next adventure of Aquina’s water cycle, he learns about the destruction caused by large amounts of water. Aquina,…

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Citizens Social Responsibility For Children

Citizens Social Responsibility for children

A non-fictional article that describes the efforts of a keen group of volunteers that works towards the upkeep of nature…

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The Table Song: A Fun Way To Learn Maths

The table song: a fun way to learn Maths

Anurag learns the multiplication table of 2 and is happy with the fun way to learn Maths. He does need…

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Bridge The Generation Gap: A Story Of Respecting Others

Bridge the generation gap: a story of respecting others

In this story of respecting others, Meera learns how her patience is rewarded. She is taught an important lesson of how…

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Bobo And His Friends: A Story Of Animals

Bobo and his friends: a story of animals

This is a story of animals on a farm. Bobo and his friends help out a cow, Leila, even though…

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Bridging The Generation Gap: Story Of A Geography Project

Bridging the generation gap: story of a geography project

Rohan does not want his Dadu's help. Read this story of a geography project and how Rohan learns the truth.…

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Teenu And His Grandfather Who Saves The Day

Teenu and his grandfather who saves the day

Teenu does not spend time with his grandfather. But when thieves visit his house, it is his grandfather who saves…

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Krish And Granna: A Story About Generation Gaps

Krish and Granna: a story about generation gaps

In this story about generation gaps, Krish visits his grandma in town. During that visit, both Krish and Grandma learn…

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Lulu, Laali And The Piggies: A Story About Animals

Lulu, Laali and the Piggies: a story about animals

A story about animals living on Rampur farm. As you read the story, remember never to forget the past and…

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Munmun Batak And Billi Twins: How To Solve A Fight

Munmun Batak and Billi twins: how to solve a fight

Munmun Batak the wise duck in Kalpanaland thought of a clever way for how to solve a fight between two twin…

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A Strange Incident At The Airport

A strange incident at the airport

Ravi is a busy boy and on the lookout for a story for the school magazine. Read this story of…

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The Dog And The Missing Vegetables

The dog and the missing vegetables

Pepper is a cute cocker spaniel. Read this story about the dog and the missing vegetables and see how Pepper…

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Poppy And The Mystery Of The Missing Bone

Poppy and the mystery of the missing bone

Sniff, the little puppy is crying because he cannot find his bone. Come join Poppy as she solves the mystery…

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The Coveted Drone

The coveted drone

Ishaan is a talented young boy who is also on a secret mission. Read the story of how he defeats…

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The Dangerous Mobile Game

The dangerous mobile game

Ritvik has been recently gifted a mobile phone by his parents. All was well, until he downloaded a mobile game…

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Rumi Learns The ABC Of Menstruation

Rumi learns the ABC of menstruation

On a routine visit to the school toilet, Rumi notices something she had never seen before. On speaking to her…

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Adventures Of Aquina In The Water Cycle – Mystery Of Mist

Adventures of Aquina in the water cycle – Mystery of mist

In the next adventure of Aquina’s water cycle, he learns about the different forms that water can take, including mist,…

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Munmun Batak And Kinchu Kakar: Does Size Matter?

Munmun Batak and Kinchu Kakar: does size matter?

Munmun Batak the wise duck in Kalpanaland thought of a practical way to answer the question does size matter. One upon…

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Tales From Khushpur: Story Of The Archery Competition (part 1)

Tales from Khushpur: Story of the archery competition (part 1)

Augustya and Mahi are the children of the King and Queen of Khushpur. In the first part of the story of the…

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The Lost Treasure

The lost treasure

Bella, Juhi and Nishi are preparing to go for a fancy dress party. They get some help from a lost…

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The Trees That Tell Tales

The trees that tell tales

Like humans, trees also have stories to tell us. In this article, the author has captured certain trees that tell…

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Bablu Learns His Lesson

Bablu learns his lesson

Bablu was a young boy your age. He was a very good student. He always got good grades in school.…

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Off To Camp

Off to camp

School was coming to an end. It was nearly time for the summer holidays to start. Just another two days…

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My First Transfer (my Experiences As A Fauji Brat)

My first transfer (my experiences as a Fauji brat)

Fear. It had struck again. I could fell its grip tighten on my insides. It seemed to leer at me,…

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Orbit Of Humanity

Orbit of humanity

Harish was quite puzzled as he witnessed the chaos outside his house. People ran helter-skelter and there was a lot…

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Who Is Intelligent And Who Is Not

Who is intelligent and who is not

Sunil was trying to pronounce the word “Chapter” correctly. The ninth standard student said, “saapter” once more! This time, Rupa…

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Just Keep Doing Good!

Just keep doing good!

Keep doing good every day In a big or small way Smile at someone or hold their hand Open a…

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Moving around Delhi this time of the year, one comes across Semal - a prominent and hardy tree also known…

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Duty Of Care

Duty of care

Mr Anil Gupta and his family were looking forward to their weekend as they had planned to visit the zoo…

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The Speedy Eater

The speedy eater

Arti and Sandhya were great friends. They did so many things together. They laughed over silly matters, had petty fights,…

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There Is No Profession Big Or Small

There is no profession big or small

Pinky and Lily were two women who lived in a small village in Goa. Pinky sold fish and Lily sold…

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You Can Be Anything

You can be anything

It was 8.30 in the morning. Sia was in a jovial mood, getting ready for school. As she started on…

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Be You

Be you

“Mom, how did you know, or when did you know you were going to be a teacher?” asked Reya as…

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Home Maker

Home maker

“Ranjana, I hope you are ready with all your preparations. The guests will be arriving in about twenty minutes. I…

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The Dream Analyzer

The Dream Analyzer

The fall - I I couldn’t hear anything and couldn’t think anything. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t hear…

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Munmun Batak And Kala Kachap: Believe In Yourself

Munmun Batak and Kala Kachap: believe in yourself

Munmun Batak the wise duck in Kalpanaland thought of a practical way to explain that is important to believe in yourself. A long…

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Go For It Raghav: The Team Selection (part 2)

Go for it Raghav: the team selection (part 2)

In the final part of this story, Raghav learns about his fate in the team selection. Has he made it…

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Adventures Of Aquina – Making Magical Colours

Adventures of Aquina – Making Magical Colours

Aquina was looking at the ground from up above. As a water droplet he had reached from the ocean to…

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The Story Of Statue Indumati

The story of Statue Indumati

Though king Bhoj had not been able to satisfy any of the statues yet, the desire to sit on the…

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The Lucky Trio

The lucky trio

Located on the central verge of a busy underpass at an important location in a busy metropolis we always wondered…

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Vedant Tidies Up

Vedant tidies up

Vedant loved playing with his toys. Every day when he came back from school he would change his clothes and…

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Through A Father’s Eyes

Through a father’s eyes

I heard this story from my best friend in school and it has always kept me focussed and inspired. This…

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My grandmother used to tell me these beautiful stories in my childhood and they stuck with me all through my…

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Cheeku Learns To Run

Cheeku learns to run

Cheeku was a young boy who studied in a small school in the city of Bikaner. Cheeku was very good…

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Adventures Of Aquina – High And Low

Adventures of Aquina – high and low

Aquina, the water droplet, was playing with the ocean waves. He liked to ride on big waves rushing to the…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Indrasena

32 stories of the throne – The story of Statue Indrasena

On the eleventh day, immediately after getting up in the morning, King Bhoj’s desire to sit on the majestic throne…

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Face And Fight

Face and Fight

Little beads of perspiration were rolling down his face. He stared hard. The dragon standing in front of him was…

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The Sweet Songs Of Birds

The sweet songs of birds

What better way than to be woken up by the sweet song of the birds. Perched placidly on a tree,…

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Tilting At Windmill

Tilting at windmill

The mind is a beautiful yet most dangerous thing God has ever created. Whatever we think, we become. It was…

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Slaying The Dragon (fiction)

Slaying the dragon (fiction)

It was dark. The streets were silent. Ram had wrapped up for the day. He had finished watching an amazing…

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A Turn For The Better

A turn for the better

The students of Class 5-C were excited. As per their timetable, they were to have two back to back periods…

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Adventures Of Aquina: The Inside Expedition

Adventures of Aquina: the inside expedition

Aquina was listening intently to his mother’s story. He was a water droplet and he wanted to know all about…

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Meeta Gets A Scare

Meeta gets a scare

Meeta was bored. Her summer vacations had started and she was tired of watching television. They were showing repeat shows…

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The Story Of Statue Prabhavati

The story of statue Prabhavati

; On the tenth day, King Bhoj again went to the royal court to sit on the throne but as…

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Ear Ear Everywhere

Ear ear everywhere

Little Tina was sitting in the garden playing her guitar. She was also humming a song. Suddenly she heard a faint…

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A Tale Of Tails – Part 3

A tale of tails – part 3

As the days converted to weeks, Goofy’s antics grew manifold. He enjoyed following Micky, not because he developed a fondness…

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In Search Of Gold

In search of gold

Kabini was a beautiful town situated near the river banks of the famous Kaveri that flowed through the southern states.…

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A Family Picnic

A family picnic

It was a really hot day and even more so as it approached noon. We were at this famous historical…

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A Cool Summer

A cool summer

Nina, Roy and Sam sat on the stairs of their building entrance fanning themselves with newspapers after some rounds of…

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Arriving At The Drinking Glass

Arriving at the drinking glass

As a water droplet in the sea Aquina was having good fun. The water droplets were forming foam at the…

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The Lost Seedling

The lost seedling

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who grew sunflowers in his field. Once he bought a bag full…

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The Story Of Statue Madhumalti

The story of Statue Madhumalti

After completing his routine work, King Bhoj reached the court on the ninth day with the desire of sitting on…

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The Kick Of Chewing Gum

The kick of chewing gum

The love and kick of a chewing gum! Is it harmless? Imagine yourself sitting in school corridors with your friends!…

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The Gardener (maali)

The gardener (maali)

Yes, I am proud to be young and into our professionally family tradition of Mali.  No, I did not say…

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What Does Independence Day Mean To You?

What does Independence Day mean to you?

It was the fifteenth of August. Rekha was lying on her bed. It was a holiday and the fourteen- year-old…

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Ramanujan: A Self Taught Genius

Ramanujan: a self taught genius

The teacher asked the students in her class to write about somebody who inspired them. Most students wrote about modern…

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Funny Money

Funny money

It was 6 pm. Chetan, Adwait and Alok were playing cricket in their building compound. Just when Chetan was about…

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Adventures Of Aquina: Ride On The Ice Boat

Adventures of Aquina: Ride on the ice boat

Aquina was a water droplet and he loved it. In his various water-cycles he had changed from water to vapour…

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Sunday Morning Lessons

Sunday morning lessons

Ramesh loved Sunday mornings. This was one day when he could indulge in a hearty breakfast at leisure instead of…

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How Happy You Get

How happy you get

Lend a helping hand and see how happy you get, Gift your old clothes and toys to a needy kid…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Sukeshi

32 stories of the throne – The story of statue Sukeshi

On the seventh day when King Bhoj eagerly stepped forward to sit on the royal throne, the statue named Sukeshi…

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The Night When Crayons Came To Life – Part 2

The night when crayons came to life – part 2

The hearts of the crayons are thumping and they are afraid. They all have their hearts in their mouths. They…

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The Gorgeous Hunk Called Djomo

The gorgeous hunk called Djomo

Pets! Why do people keep pets? People keep pets because they are loyal and understanding. Pets can also help people…

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Cool Fun

Cool fun

“The summers in Chennai are horrid!” exclaimed Chirag sitting under a slow moving fan that hardly gave any relief. “And…

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The Mystery Box

The mystery box

Ashu stopped at the stair landing as he heard it creak for the 100th time. “I wonder what it is”,…

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Adventures Of Aquina: Root To Shoot Voyage

Adventures of Aquina: Root to shoot voyage

Aquina was in the water channel going through the crops. As a water droplet he loved swimming in different styles.…

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Treasure – The Secret Of Plants

Treasure – the secret of plants

There is a picturesque location near Nainital, called Kainchi. The location is very idyllic, complemented by the beautiful surroundings of…

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Helping Hand

Helping hand

Sagar was the tallest and strongest boy in all of grade one. He was very proud of his strength and…

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The Story Of Statue Ravibhaama

The story of Statue Ravibhaama

As the sun rose, the desire of King Bhoj to sit on the godly throne became even more intense. Like…

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Tree – The True Friend

Tree – the true friend

Trees have withstood the test of time ever since coming to being and have woven many a bond with generations…

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Rafflesia – The Largest Flower In The World

Rafflesia – The largest flower in the world

“Which is the largest flower that you have seen?” asked Uncle John one day when he was on a visit…

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Life Changing Moments

Life changing moments

There are moments that change your life forever. They also teach you lessons for life. It is nearly four years…

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The Will To Stay Together

The will to stay together

Ravi, Suraj, Arun and Kuvam were the bright, young boys of the Singh family. The Singh family was a happy…

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A Tryst With The Nation

A tryst with the nation

Yesterday Mayank got up from bed and decided he wanted to be an officer in the army. His parents got…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Lilawati

32 stories of the throne – The story of statue Lilawati

On the fifth day, statue Lilawati appeared from the throne and said to King Bhoj, “Do not sit on the…

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The Dinosaur King Of India – Rajasaurus

The dinosaur king of India – Rajasaurus

Once upon a time there lived a great king in India. His vast kingdom was spread along the valley of…

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The Curious Case Of Jignesh “Jiggy” Patel- Part 2

The curious case of Jignesh “Jiggy” Patel- part 2

“Oh! He is a fraud? He told us his name was Nareshbhai. Why did he have to lie?” said Jiggy.…

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The Twists And Turns Of Life

The twists and turns of life

We are all aware of the fact that there are good days and bad days in our lives. Even if…

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How Chandra Became Friends With His Little Sister

How Chandra became friends with his little sister

“Chandraaa….”, “Chandra…”, Mom called nine year-old Chandrasekhar who was preparing his school bag for the day. It was early in…

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Memories That Haunt

Memories that haunt

Memories do warm us up from the inside. They are permanent and over time grow into stronger emotions. I love…

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The Little Boy Who Made A Big Change

The little boy who made a big change

Once there was a small boy named Shankar. He lived with his family in a big apartment.  Shantibai used to…

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Adventures Of Aquina – Fields Of Snow

Adventures of Aquina – Fields of snow

“Momma!  Here I come. Wheeeeeee…” Aquina loved surfing with the giant waves of the big blue sea. Being a water…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Kaamkandala

32 stories of the throne – The story of Statue Kaamkandala

On the fourth day, King Bhoj was about to sit on his throne when statue Kaamkandala emerged and said, “Wait,…

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Who Cares…

Who cares…

We, the trees, are very sensitive about growth in our respective categories – small, medium, large - and are very…

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Tender Talks

Tender talks

At just nine months of standing unprotected on my own tender root under the sun compels me to think today…

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The Curious Case Of Jignesh “Jiggy” Patel – Part 1

The curious case of Jignesh “Jiggy” Patel – part 1

Far off in western India, in a state named Gujarat, there lived a man. A man about whom I’m going…

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Why Are Trees Important

Why are trees important

Why are trees important? Trees are very important for our environment. They are essentially the lungs of the earth. Trees…

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Unique Holi

Unique Holi

There was a child. His name was Naveen. His mind was creative. One day he heard his teacher saying something…

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Those Were The Days

Those were the days

This morning found me sitting on the huge boulder overlooking the sea-face, staring into the horizon. This was my favourite…

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Surajkund Crafts Mela

Surajkund crafts mela

India is a country with more villages than cities.  It is a place where every new day begins with some…

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Rainbow Diet

Rainbow diet

Our nature is full of colours. Every colour reflects a meaning and has a great significance in our lives. Imagine…

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The Barren Tree

The barren tree

Life for me has been a leafless journey for more than ten years.  It is not that I did not…

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The Stolen Smartphone (part 2)

The stolen smartphone (part 2)

Amar: Hello! Look man. Please give back my mobile phone. I will give you anything you want. Thug: What? Amar:…

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Fishy Tales

Fishy tales

Mehak was fast asleep when she felt her Nani pulling the covers off her. She stirred in her bed, snuggling…

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The Boxville Chronicles – The Carnival

The Boxville chronicles – The carnival

It was April. Spring had arrived in Boxville. The streets were lined with flowers of every colour. It looked like…

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Sonu Learns To Eat The Right Way

Sonu learns to eat the right way

It was lunchtime and Mom had set the table. She called out, “Sonu, please come, I have served lunch. Your…

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Vasant Panchami

Vasant panchami

The festival of Vasant Panchami is celebrated in our country, with great joy and jubilation, on the fifth day of…

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The Stolen Smartphone (part 1)

The stolen smartphone (part 1)

The police officer arrives on his desk, grabs a thick register and start searching his pen. He finds a young…

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Of Things Sweet And Sour

Of things sweet and sour

Burzin was up and about from the early hours of the morning. His Dad was most impressed as it was…

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Rakhi – A Bond Of Love And Affection

Rakhi – a bond of love and affection

It was the eve of Rakhi. Suman was remembering her brother whom she had lost in the Kargil war two…

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An Exciting Day

An exciting day

It was a beautiful morning with the sun just starting to rise and a gentle breeze in the air. The…

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Three Magic Words

Three magic words

Please, Sorry and Thank you! These are the three magic words that you must know, They help you become a…

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What Romila Learnt About Family Bondings

What Romila learnt about family bondings

The taxi approached the gorgeous, palatial, bungalow.  After the security check, it was allowed inside the premises, which looked like…

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The Ghostbusters

The ghostbusters

Ankur had moved in with his younger brother Apurv and his parents to a new house. Moving house this time…

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The First Indian Rock Star (Part 2)

The First Indian Rock Star (Part 2)

The next day my test reports came and I came to know that I had a 3 mm stone. The…

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Sanjay, Disha, Rohit and Ananya were very excited. They lived in Sunlight Colony in New Delhi and like every year,…

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Au Revoir

Au revoir

She didn’t have what they had; the money, the riches and the ostentatious bungalows, none of what she could afford…

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Never Say Never – Part 11

Never say never – part 11

In the previous edition we read how both factions were preparing for battle. We saw how the Hawks were focussed…

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Jungle On The Roads

Jungle on the Roads

Zip – Zap – Zoooooo Little Navya was trying to cross the road. But buses, cars, motorcycles and so many…

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Friends – A Poem

Friends – a poem

Broken down, My hands touching my crown. In despair and dismay, Feeling like world collapsing around. I search for escape…

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Aryabhata: The Ancient Mathematician

Aryabhata: The ancient mathematician

Rohan was struggling with his geometry lessons and was trying to get his formulas and measurements correct. His mother came…

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National Anthem

National anthem

Just as a National Flag is very important for a country, so is its National Anthem. The word ‘anthem’ according…

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The First Indian Rock Star (Part 1)

The First Indian Rock Star (Part 1)

“Yeah, he’s sleeping right now.” “Looks good as of now.” “He was in extreme pain so I gave him Ibuprofen”…

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Yours Truly

Yours truly

The tangerine touch of the velvety blue flowers that were gracefully laid onto Maria’s grave by me softly, not paying…

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Meerut Diaries

Meerut diaries

Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya were now in Meerut. They had spent the first part of their holidays with their maternal grandparents.…

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Why Spiders Do Not Get Caught In Their Own Web

Why spiders do not get caught in their own web

Have you seen an insect getting stuck in the spider’s web? Then you must have also seen how fast the…

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Being Different

Being different

Chutki the butterfly lived in a beautiful forest. Since she was plain and white unlike other butterflies, no butterfly was…

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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love

Through the cloud in her eyes, the sun was shining bright today. Why were her withered cheeks so pink? Wondered…

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Ghaziabad Diaries

Ghaziabad diaries

Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya had come for a few days to their Nana-Nani’s house in Ghaziabad. As they had spent a…

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Bringing Ganpati Home

Bringing Ganpati home

Ananya had almost lost herself in the vastness of the seemingly still ocean that stretched out in front of her.…

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The Story Of Onam

The story of Onam

Once upon a time, in present day Kerala, there ruled a great demon king. His name was Mahabali. He was…

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Ganesh Changes His Pose

Ganesh changes his pose

Rohan’s town was abuzz with celebration. Long holidays had started in school. After all it was Ganesh Chaturthi, the biggest…

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Never Say Never – Part 7

Never say never – part 7

In the previous edition Ashok had re-modelled his barn. He had also been visited by his new friends, the two…

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Whether we stay in our own homeland or abroad, our attachment towards our own home country is inevitable. Feeling of…

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Freedom In Its True Sense

Freedom in its true sense

In Ronald Reagan’s words, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our…

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The Meteor Shower Party

The meteor shower party

Gaurav and Amol were walking out of the school after finishing their last exam. They were talking about something interesting.…

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Spotty Learns To Climb

Spotty learns to climb

Spotty and Stripy were two kittens living near the gulmohar tree with their mother, Snowball. Both of them were a…

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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

In India we have festivals that are generally dedicated to celebrate Gods and Goddesses or seasons. However there is a…

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32 Stories Of Throne: Story Of The Second Statue Chitralekha

32 Stories of throne: Story of the second statue Chitralekha

Children, in the last edition of Neev Magazine we had read the story of first statue Ratnamanjiri. After listening to…

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How And Why Is Eid Al-Fitr Celebrated

How and why is Eid al-Fitr celebrated

The way Diwali is significant for Hindus, similarly Eid has its importance for Muslims. Eid is celebrated in Islam with…

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Blending Of Barriers

Blending of barriers

Aman and Rohit were looking forward to the hues of purple, orange, red and green with the upcoming Holi festival.…

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An Amicable Desire

An amicable desire

‘Jump! Jump! Just take one step forward.’ said something inside me while I was constantly staring at the cemented floor…

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