Vedant tidies up
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Vedant loved playing with his toys. Every day when he came back from school he would change his clothes and eat his snacks, and then he would start playing with his toys. His mother wanted him to finish his homework first, but he would always tell her that he would do so after he finished playing. But after playing, he would be too tired to study. He would eat his dinner and go to sleep, leaving his toys across the floor.

“Vedant, clean up your room! Put your toys back in place before going to bed,” Mummy would say.

Vedant would promise to clean up but always left his room in a mess. His room was always untidy.

Mummy was tired of cleaning up his room. She wanted to teach him to be tidy. She thought of a great idea.

The next day when Vedant returned from school, he, as usual, changed his clothes and went looking for his toys. But his toys were nowhere to be seen. He looked in all the usual places and even in the carton in the verandah. But he just could not find them.

Vedant tidies up

“Mummy, I can’t find my toys anywhere. Where have you kept them?” he asked in a worried voice.

“I don’t know beta, all your toys were on the floor just the way you had left them,” answered Mummy.

“I have looked everywhere. They are not on the floor or in the cupboards or anywhere. Have you really not seen them?” he asked.

“Oh, I think I know what must have happened. As I was passing by your room today I overheard all your toys grumbling. They were very unhappy to be left on the floor. They were planning to go away as they did not want to play with you,” said Mummy with a sad face.

“But they are toys, how can they feel bad?” asked Vedant, looking worried. “Can they Mama?”

“Yes, anyone can feel bad. Do you like sleeping on the floor with a mess all around?” asked Mama gently.

“No, I don’t. I know I have been a bad boy. I really love my toys. I want them back. I shall always keep them back properly after I finish playing with them. How can we call them back Mama?” Vedant was ready to cry. He now understood the importance of keeping his things in place.

“Don’t worry; I am sure your toys will be back. They know you love them. Go finish your homework, and then we can go looking for them,” said Mummy, giving him a hug.

Vedant went back to his room to finish his homework and when he came out; he saw all his toys arranged neatly on the balcony.

“They have come back, Mama,” he called out happily running towards them. He was happy again and from that day on, he never left his room in a mess.

Word meanings:

  • carton – cardboard box
  • verandah – balcony
Vedant tidies up
Average rating of 5 from 2 votes

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