The Boxville Chronicles – Teaching By Example

The Boxville chronicles – Teaching by example

Mrs. Folder, the wise teacher in Boxville gives the little cartons exercises to teach them about caring, sharing and getting…

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Tanvi’s Loving Friends Teach Us About Sharing

Tanvi’s loving friends teach us about sharing

Tanvi is in class 2. One day she in not able to bring her tiffin. Her friends teach us about…

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Keeping The House Clean Is Everybody’s Business – Being A Family

Keeping the house clean is everybody’s business – being a family

Being a family means much more than just living together. It also means sharing responsibilities and chores around the house.…

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Tales From Khushpur: Mahi’s Coronation

Tales from Khushpur: Mahi’s Coronation

In the third part of Mahi and Augustya’s story, read about the royal coronation ceremony as Mahi is poised to…

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The window – Tarun and Varun learn to share

Tarun and Varun are twins. On a train journey with their sister Muskan, they learn to share. First published in…

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Pet Tales – 2: A Comic About Two Dogs

Pet tales – 2: A comic about two dogs

This series is a comic about two dogs, Sporty and Reader. They teach us about the good behaviours in life. In this edition…

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