Happiness Is Being Yourself

Happiness is being yourself

Tubby the baby elephant wants to go on a diet to reduce weight. Taking help from Chimpoo and Gabby, he…

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How Originality Prevents Disappointment

How originality prevents disappointment

Sakshi and Sahiti are good friends. Sakshi, however, wants to outdo Sahiti in something that the Sahiti is very good…

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Shonty The Famous Dragon Clown

Shonty the famous dragon clown

Shonty is a young dragon. All the other animals are scared of him. Read the story of how he becomes Shonty…

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The Topper

The topper

Rajat faces failure on his first attempt in an entrance exam. The next year, he gets a lot of guidance…

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Acting Against Disappointment

Acting against disappointment

Read the heart warming tale of how Vikas gets over his disappointment to become a star performer. Vikas and Kunal…

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Always Remain Positive

Always remain positive

Through this story about Sanjay, we learn why it is important to always remain positive and how to deal with…

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A Star Named ‘Tiffany Maria Brar’

A star named ‘Tiffany Maria Brar’

Tiffany Maria Brar faced many obstacles to learning because she was visually impaired. She resolved that others should not face…

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Challenges Can Be Fun – Story Of A Good Student

Challenges can be fun – story of a good student

Chintu was a poor orphan, but a good student. One dreary winter, he studies hard for a private school admission…

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The Wish Granting Fairy Phone

The wish granting fairy phone

Little Pinki has 5 wishes on her fairy phone account. How will she use them? Little Pinki was combing her…

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Megha And The Magic Ladle

Megha and the magic ladle

Megha has been invited to speak at the ‘Achievers under 30’ seminar. Read what she says about her magic ladle.…

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True Friendship

True friendship

This story about a donkey and papaya tree will teach you what true friendship really is. One of the best…

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Bhola Catches The Fraud Baba

Bhola catches the fraud baba

Bhola is a smart and well-read boy. Read the story of how he catches the fraud baba and reveals his…

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Bhumi Saves The Day

Bhumi saves the day

Bhumi is a clever little bear. She saves the day for the hopping roos. Her clever idea makes it all…

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Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles

Sughandha has been overcoming obstacles all her life. Read her inspiring story. Sugandha visited the Garden of Five Senses with…

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Maria’s Mind

Maria’s mind

Maria is the topper in her class. However, when a new student joins the class she faces a battle of the…

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Inner Beauty

Inner beauty

Wanting to look beautiful, Reena searches on the internet and goes on a strict diet. When she falls seriously ill…

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The Nervous Giant – Overcome Your Fears

The nervous giant – overcome your fears

Maya has moved to a new city and a new school. She has no friends, but in this story we learn…

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Unsung Song

Unsung song

Geet wants to be a part of her school fair by singing a song. However, her talents lay elsewhere. This…

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Mithu The Parrot Grows Up

Mithu the parrot grows up

Mithu is in a hurry to grow up and be like the other parrots in Sher Baug forest. However, being…

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Learning Self Defence

Learning self defence

Reena was keen to learn self defence and gain confidence in her own abilities. Martial arts and self-defence are widely…

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Tales From Khushpur: After The Excitement Of Coronation

Tales from Khushpur: After the Excitement of Coronation

Last month we read about Mahi’s coronation after she won the archery competition. Now we read what happens next in…

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The Talk Of The Town – Universal Translator

The talk of the town – universal translator

Mani was stuck developing a universal translator. A chance meeting with a squirrel gives him his breakthrough. "Why can't I…

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Dreaming Of A Nightmare

Dreaming of a nightmare

Zeeshan loves his bedtime stories. But on this occasion the bedtime story feels too real. Is it a nightmare or…

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Anjana Overcomes The Solar Eclipse Myth

Anjana overcomes the solar eclipse myth

Anjana is scared. Read this story about how she overcomes the solar eclipse myth and learns the truth. Enjoy the…

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How A Myth Worked On Nalini: A Story About Myth

How a myth worked on Nalini: a story about myth

In this story about myth, Nalini believed in an astrologer’s prediction and feared for her father’s life. Read about how…

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How I Wish I Could Fly – Everyone Is Unique

How I wish I could fly – everyone is unique

The baby elephant envied the birds who could fly. After an interesting incident that occurs, he realises that everyone is unique.…

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The Fact Of The Cat And More Superstitions

The fact of the cat and more superstitions

Do you believe in superstitions? Ever wondered what is the science behind them? Read this article that explores the myth…

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Three Steps Forward – Cat Myth Vs Facts

Three steps forward – cat myth vs facts

Is it bad luck when a cat crosses your path? In this story about cat myth vs facts, Asha learns…

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Tales From Khushpur: Story Of The Archery Competition (part 1)

Tales from Khushpur: Story of the archery competition (part 1)

Augustya and Mahi are the children of the King and Queen of Khushpur. In the first part of the story of the…

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Munmun Batak And Kala Kachap: Believe In Yourself

Munmun Batak and Kala Kachap: believe in yourself

Munmun Batak the wise duck in Kalpanaland thought of a practical way to explain that is important to believe in yourself. A long…

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Go For It Raghav: The Team Selection (part 2)

Go for it Raghav: the team selection (part 2)

In the final part of this story, Raghav learns about his fate in the team selection. Has he made it…

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I Wish To Be A …

I wish to be a …

Everyone has a dream to be something special when they grow up. Reet and her family tackle the question, 'I…

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Ila’s Flight Of Fantasy – Part 1

Ila’s flight of fantasy – Part 1

Is Ila standing at the cross-roads of life or is this just a flight of fantasy? Read Ila's two part…

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