The Importance Of Humour In Life

The importance of humour in life

Saswati, the class topper wants to do better than ever. On a constant journey of perfection, she realises the importance…

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The Alien Attack

The alien attack

Anirudh, a boy your age is scared of the odd noise coming from the kitchen. Is it really an alien…

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Silent Heroes

Silent heroes

Raj, Puja and Vikram were the silent heroes who helped the police to nab criminals who were targeting a minister.…

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Angels Do Exist

Angels do exist

Arun is a trained diver. One day, when he is in trouble while diving, will an angel come to his…

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Brave Prisha And The Story Of The Burglars

Brave Prisha and the story of the burglars

On her visit to Granny, Prisha notices some odd things. In the story of the burglars, read about how Prisha…

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How A Little Girl Was Saved By Lions

How a little girl was saved by lions

Having seen lions on TV, Priyanka is suffering from nightmares. Read the modern day fairy tale that her mother shares…

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Learning Self Defence

Learning self defence

Reena was keen to learn self defence and gain confidence in her own abilities. Martial arts and self-defence are widely…

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Saving Lives – Animal Safety

Saving lives – animal safety

Saira and her friends start a campaign for animal safety in their town. Saira lived in a sleepy little town…

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Drive Safely

Drive safely

Always drive safely. Learn from Rohan and his friends who were irresponsible. It was 9:00 p.m. Rohan and his friends…

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Safety Tips For Nalini Staying Alone

Safety Tips for Nalini Staying Alone

Nalini is staying alone as her mother is on a 3-day business trip. How does she stay safe? “Hi, Nalini…

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Safety First – Road Safety

Safety First – Road Safety

Saurav learns road safety from his mistake. Saurav was a boy your age. He was a happy-go-lucky child who did…

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Rules Are Good

Rules are good

Bobby goes on a class trip and learns that rules are good to follow as they keep us safe. Bobby…

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A Strange Incident At The Airport

A strange incident at the airport

Ravi is a busy boy and on the lookout for a story for the school magazine. Read this story of…

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Rumi Learns The ABC Of Menstruation

Rumi learns the ABC of menstruation

On a routine visit to the school toilet, Rumi notices something she had never seen before. On speaking to her…

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Pet Tales – 20: A Comic About Two Dogs

Pet tales – 20: A comic about two dogs

This series is a comic about two dogs, Sporty and Reader. They teach us about the good behaviours in life. In this edition…

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