Light Beyond The Bulb With Edison

Light beyond the bulb with Edison

Thomas Edison travels to the present time and is shocked by how far his humble invention has gone! It is…

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From Gandhi To Google: A Story About Generation Gaps

From Gandhi to Google: a story about generation gaps

Vivaan and his dadu may not agree on how to approach things, but both can get results their own way.…

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How Originality Prevents Disappointment

How originality prevents disappointment

Sakshi and Sahiti are good friends. Sakshi, however, wants to outdo Sahiti in something that the Sahiti is very good…

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Hair Raising Trouble

Hair raising trouble

Virika wants to be just like her Rockstar idol, including matching her hair. Taking things into her own hands, Virika…

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A Trip To India

A trip to India

Smriti and Rajan were missing India. During their Christmas vacations, there was one thing they wanted to do and that…

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Four Magic Words

Four magic words

Today Miss Sania teaches her class the four magic words. These words can teach you good manners. Class 1–A was…

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How A Little Girl Was Saved By Lions

How a little girl was saved by lions

Having seen lions on TV, Priyanka is suffering from nightmares. Read the modern day fairy tale that her mother shares…

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Chikoo Learns The Magic Words

Chikoo learns the magic words

Chikoo, the son of the mighty lion king is rude to animals in Junjuna jungle. One day he is taught…

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Pet Tales – 5: A Comic About Two Dogs

Pet tales – 5: A comic about two dogs

This series is a comic about two dogs, Sporty and Reader. They teach us about the good behaviours in life. In this edition…

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Mom Is Not A Chef: A Homemaker’s Story

Mom is not a Chef: a Homemaker’s Story

The author’s father stresses the importance of treating their mother’s cooking with respect, given her workload as a homemaker. It…

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Why Are Sunflowers Called Sunflowers?

Why are sunflowers called sunflowers?

The sunflower is a majestic flower. But not all was well for this flower. Read this fascinating story to know…

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Atithi Devo Bhava – Guest Is God

Atithi Devo Bhava – guest is God

Ronit is on his first trip to India. Inspite of the initial hiccups, on this trip he learns the true meaning…

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Grandma Is Always Right

Grandma is always right

Mohita learns the hard way that Grandma is always right. Read this story of how she finds out and the…

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Bridge The Generation Gap: A Story Of Respecting Others

Bridge the generation gap: a story of respecting others

In this story of respecting others, Meera learns how her patience is rewarded. She is taught an important lesson of how…

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The Things You Own, End Up Owning You: Story Of Generation Gaps

The things you own, end up owning you: story of generation gaps

A story of generation gaps that explores how the things that you own end up owning you. Who is right,…

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Bridging The Generation Gap: Story Of A Geography Project

Bridging the generation gap: story of a geography project

Rohan does not want his Dadu's help. Read this story of a geography project and how Rohan learns the truth.…

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Teenu And His Grandfather Who Saves The Day

Teenu and his grandfather who saves the day

Teenu does not spend time with his grandfather. But when thieves visit his house, it is his grandfather who saves…

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Through Thick And Thin: Parth And Krishna Learn An Important Lesson

Through thick and thin: Parth and Krishna learn an important lesson

Two mischievous friends enjoy troubling people around them. However, in this story, they learn an important lesson. Parth and Krishna…

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