The Sticky Lesson

The sticky lesson

Gaurav was a very naughty boy. One day while trying to play a prank, he learns a sticky lesson. Gaurav…

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The Boxville Chronicles – Teaching By Example

The Boxville chronicles – Teaching by example

Mrs. Folder, the wise teacher in Boxville gives the little cartons exercises to teach them about caring, sharing and getting…

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Disappointment Leads To Friendship

Disappointment leads to friendship

Keshav and his family have moved to a new town. Read this story of how he turns Salil’s bullying into…

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Tanvi’s Loving Friends Teach Us About Sharing

Tanvi’s loving friends teach us about sharing

Tanvi is in class 2. One day she in not able to bring her tiffin. Her friends teach us about…

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Anwesha Learns About True Sense Of Humour

Anwesha learns about true sense of humour

A Diwali mela is a collection of shops and wonderful places to eat. On a visit to one such mela,…

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Journey Across India To The Last Town (Part I)

Journey across India to the Last Town (Part I)

A father and son journey across India to make Diwali joyful for the children in the last town of India.…

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Journey Across India To The Last Town (Part II)

Journey across India to the Last Town (Part II)

Navratna and Sitaraji’s journey across India continues to deliver Diwali firecrackers to the children in the village. 13th October, Day…

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A Star Named ‘Tiffany Maria Brar’

A star named ‘Tiffany Maria Brar’

Tiffany Maria Brar faced many obstacles to learning because she was visually impaired. She resolved that others should not face…

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When A Young Star Met The Moon

When a young star met the moon

When a young star met the moon, he mistrusted it because the moon was different and alone. It was a…

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The Young Headmaster

The young headmaster

Babar Ali, the youngest headmaster shows us how to care for others. He teaches children who are too poor to…

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Suchi Faces Her Fear

Suchi faces her fear

Suchi is afraid of heights. In this story, she shows her bravery and conquers her fear of heights as she…

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An Act Of Kindness

An act of kindness

Karen and her mother are enjoying a day on the beach, when Karen notices two sad ponies. Karen’s act of…

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How Would You Feel If Your Sister Is A Genius

How would you feel if your sister is a genius

Suman’s little sister Sudha is everyone’s favourite. Read the story of how Suman deals with the fact that her sister…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Priyadarshani

32 stories of the throne – The story of Statue Priyadarshani

In the next story of  '32 stories of the throne', statue Priyardshini tells King Bhoj about King Vikramditya’s kind-heartedness. On…

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The Boy Who Loved To Play Pranks

The boy who loved to play pranks

Teetu loved to play pranks on his friends. One day, he learns his lesson and promises never to play pranks again.…

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Mini’s New Friend

Mini’s new friend

Mini’s new friend was different. So Mini decided to be like her new friend. “Look! We have new neighbours!” Mini’s…

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How The Hedgehog Got Its Spines

How the Hedgehog got its spines

Do you know how the Hedgehog got its spines? Read this interesting story. Rajaji National Park on the outskirts of…

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A New Environment

A new environment

Mala writes to her friend from the UK about settling into her new environment. My Dear Seema, I am so…

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Un-important – A Case Of Sibling Rivalry

Un-important – a case of sibling rivalry

I found my new baby sister very annoying as she took up all of my parent’s time. Find out how…

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Atithi Devo Bhava – Guest Is God

Atithi Devo Bhava – guest is God

Ronit is on his first trip to India. Inspite of the initial hiccups, on this trip he learns the true meaning…

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Wiggo The Wisest Owl Of All

Wiggo the wisest owl of all

In this story, the chipmunks are causing trouble. But there is always help on the way. Read on to find…

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The Story Of Peepal And Sprout

The story of Peepal and Sprout

This is the story of Peepal, the tree, who is be-friended by Sprout, the sparrow despite rumours about her. Sprout…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Prabodhwati

32 stories of the throne – The story of Statue Prabodhwati

In the next edition of 32 stories of the throne, Prabodhwati tells a story about Vikramaditya’s kind-heartedness. Once again, on…

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Bobo And His Friends: A Story Of Animals

Bobo and his friends: a story of animals

This is a story of animals on a farm. Bobo and his friends help out a cow, Leila, even though…

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Teenu And His Grandfather Who Saves The Day

Teenu and his grandfather who saves the day

Teenu does not spend time with his grandfather. But when thieves visit his house, it is his grandfather who saves…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Kirtimati

32 stories of the throne – the story of statue Kirtimati

The thirteenth day: In this part of the series 32 stories of the throne, King Bhoj is told a story…

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The Mysterious Carved Sword

The mysterious carved sword

Laxman is growing up to be quite a warrior. Faced with a difficult situation, he promises to protect his village.…

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The Mystery Of The Red Throne

The mystery of the red throne

Anita, Nita and I are three friends. One day, while playing in the garden we come across an odd setting.…

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Pet Tales – 10: A Comic About Two Dogs

Pet tales – 10: A comic about two dogs

This series is a comic about two dogs, Sporty and Reader. They teach us about the good behaviours in life. In this edition…

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The Sewage Cleaner

The sewage cleaner

Raju, the sewage cleaner, has a tough life. Through his hard work and perseverance, he manages to make a good…

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Santa Kaku: The Joy Of Gifting

Santa Kaku: the joy of gifting

Piyush believes in Santa Claus, but has not received a gift this year. Santa Kaku comes to the rescue and…

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