A Spiritual Hero – The Dalai Lama Of Tibet

A spiritual hero – the Dalai Lama of Tibet

Tsering gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to come face-to-face with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.…

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The Junior Chef

The junior chef

Ram loved cooking for his family. He decides to take part in the Super Chef Junior competition in India. It…

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Munmun Batak And The Box Of Chanas – Being Modest

Munmun Batak and the box of chanas – being modest

Through a simple trick, Munmun Batak teaches Lambu Lomdi the importance of being modest.  Once upon a time in Kalpanaland,…

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How Your Garment Can Give You Culture Shock

How your garment can give you culture shock

The author realises that culture shock is not restricted to experiences in a different country. One can experience it with…

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Why Are Sunflowers Called Sunflowers?

Why are sunflowers called sunflowers?

The sunflower is a majestic flower. But not all was well for this flower. Read this fascinating story to know…

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Bridging The Generation Gap: Story Of A Geography Project

Bridging the generation gap: story of a geography project

Rohan does not want his Dadu's help. Read this story of a geography project and how Rohan learns the truth.…

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Munmun Batak And Kinchu Kakar: Does Size Matter?

Munmun Batak and Kinchu Kakar: does size matter?

Munmun Batak the wise duck in Kalpanaland thought of a practical way to answer the question does size matter. One upon…

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