Never Steal

Never steal

All Sumit wants is to eat some strawberries. Is it ok for him to steal? In this story we learn…

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Making Up Stories

Making up stories

Sumer learns the hard way that making up stories can lead to soured relationships. Sumer and I are walking to…

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I Don’t Want To Go To School Today

I don’t want to go to school today

Radhika does not want to go to school today so makes an excuse. Will her mother guess what is wrong…

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Friends Always Understand

Friends always understand

Mummy sparrow teaches young Chidiya sparrow why friends always understand. Chidiya Sparrow came home from her Flying School terribly upset.…

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Baba Pasha – The Preaching Dog

Baba Pasha – the preaching dog

Pasha my energetic Labrador gets into the wrong company. Read the story of how I deal with his incessant preaching.…

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Never Tell A Lie

Never tell a lie

Sanjay has the habit of cooking up stories to get out of trouble. In this story, he learns why it is important…

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Road To Wisdom

Road to wisdom

Raghav's father uses the example of a tiger to share his wisdom and explain how demonetisation works.  Raghav had just read…

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Honesty’s Shiny Package

Honesty’s shiny package

Abhi was lured by a shiny package to lie to his friend. But the value he learnt, pulled him back…

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Anjana Overcomes The Solar Eclipse Myth

Anjana overcomes the solar eclipse myth

Anjana is scared. Read this story about how she overcomes the solar eclipse myth and learns the truth. Enjoy the…

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