The Frog And The Storm: A Story Of Survival

The frog and the storm: a story of survival

Facing a lot of adversity, the frog teaches us an important lesson through this story of survival. We all have…

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The Topper

The topper

Rajat faces failure on his first attempt in an entrance exam. The next year, he gets a lot of guidance…

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Mathematics

Don’t be afraid of Mathematics

Rachit was very nervous. It was his Mathematics exam the next day and somehow this year he found the subject…

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There Is A Victory In Every Loss

There is a victory in every loss

Radha desperately wants to join the school choir. Inspite of failing in the auditions, she learns an important lesson of…

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Story Of The KFC Man

Story of the KFC man

Ever heard of KFC? We bring you the story of Colonel Harland Sanders the founder of KFC and how he…

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On A Tiger Safari – In Search Of A Tiger

On a tiger safari – in search of a tiger

Saurabh and Rishabh are very excited. They are going for their first tiger safari and are in search of the elusive…

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Challenges Can Be Fun – Story Of A Good Student

Challenges can be fun – story of a good student

Chintu was a poor orphan, but a good student. One dreary winter, he studies hard for a private school admission…

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The Young Headmaster

The young headmaster

Babar Ali, the youngest headmaster shows us how to care for others. He teaches children who are too poor to…

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The Forest Man

The forest man

This is the story of the ‘forest man’ and his determination to save the environment around him. Many years back…

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A Spiritual Hero – The Dalai Lama Of Tibet

A spiritual hero – the Dalai Lama of Tibet

Tsering gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to come face-to-face with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.…

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Golu, Molu And Tolu – The Story Of Hard Work

Golu, Molu and Tolu – the story of hard work

Golu, Molu and Tolu are different. Golu and Molu are lazy. Read this story of hard work to find out…

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Can You Make Your Country A Fairy Land?

Can you make your country a fairy land?

Sandhya fondly remembers her school days as she reads the newspaper. She wonders about how one can make their country…

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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

The best birthday gift ever

Rohan’s birthday is around the corner. This year his Dadaji gives him the best birthday gift ever – a magic…

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Megha And The Magic Ladle

Megha and the magic ladle

Megha has been invited to speak at the ‘Achievers under 30’ seminar. Read what she says about her magic ladle.…

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Cinders – The Fastest Princess

Cinders – the fastest princess

Cinders is never treated as well as her step sister Chalky. Find out how hard work pays off for Cinders…

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Stop That Noise Pollution

Stop that noise pollution

Class nine of Summerhill High School get together to raise awareness about the noise pollution plaguing our surroundings. There was…

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A Cloud Of Dreams – Beauty In Nature

A cloud of dreams – Beauty in nature

It takes a child’s innocence to find beauty in nature. Ayesha finds beauty in clouds and animals. As a little…

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The Junior Chef

The junior chef

Ram loved cooking for his family. He decides to take part in the Super Chef Junior competition in India. It…

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Maria’s Mind

Maria’s mind

Maria is the topper in her class. However, when a new student joins the class she faces a battle of the…

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Space Travel Today

Space travel today

Robin was a space geek. He has prepared a project about space travel today for his town’s exhibition. Ever since…

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The Talk Of The Town – Universal Translator

The talk of the town – universal translator

Mani was stuck developing a universal translator. A chance meeting with a squirrel gives him his breakthrough. "Why can't I…

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Munmun Batak And Lazy Tommy: Hard Work Pays Off

Munmun Batak and lazy Tommy: hard work pays off

Munmun Batak the wise duck in Kalpanaland thought of a clever way to explain to lazy Tommy that hard work…

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Yesteryears: A Grandfathers Tale

Yesteryears: A grandfathers tale

A grandfathers tale about his own childhood, when nature's fury had made life difficult for his family. Through the story,…

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Tales From Khushpur: Story Of The Archery Competition (part 2)

Tales from Khushpur: Story of the archery competition (part 2)

In the second part of the story of the archery competition, we learn about who wins the competition. Will this…

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The Sewage Cleaner

The sewage cleaner

Raju, the sewage cleaner, has a tough life. Through his hard work and perseverance, he manages to make a good…

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Go For It Raghav: The Team Selection (part 2)

Go for it Raghav: the team selection (part 2)

In the final part of this story, Raghav learns about his fate in the team selection. Has he made it…

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Go For It Raghav: The Basketball Team (part 1)

Go for it Raghav: the basketball team (part 1)

In the first part of this story, Raghav starts senior school. Read the story of how tries out for the…

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