How Ajanta Was Embarrassed By Her Untidiness

How Ajanta was embarrassed by her untidiness

Ajanta does not clean her room at all. One day, she is embarrassed by her untidiness when she is visited by a…

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Heritage Walk – Keep Your City Clean

Heritage walk – keep your city clean

Valley Public School has organised a heritage walk in Delhi for the students. What the children see there shocks them into…

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Talking Tony’s Clean Habits

Talking Tony’s clean habits

Akshat’s Jimmy uncle taught him clean habits in the most unique and entertaining manner! “Your Jimmy Uncle is coming to…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Taramati

32 Stories of the Throne – The Story of Statue Taramati

In the next story of 32 stories of the throne, Taramati talks about King Vikramaditya’s hospitality. On the seventeenth day,…

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Pet Tales – 16: A Comic About Two Dogs

Pet tales – 16: A comic about two dogs

This series is a comic about two dogs, Sporty and Reader. They teach us about the good behaviours in life. In this edition…

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Keeping The House Clean Is Everybody’s Business – Being A Family

Keeping the house clean is everybody’s business – being a family

Being a family means much more than just living together. It also means sharing responsibilities and chores around the house.…

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Forgetful Anu Learns To Always Pickup Toys

Forgetful Anu learns to always pickup toys

Anu is a forgetful girl. She is always forgetting to pick up her toys. In this story, Anu learns to…

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