The Frog And The Storm: A Story Of Survival

The frog and the storm: a story of survival

Facing a lot of adversity, the frog teaches us an important lesson through this story of survival. We all have…

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Silent Heroes

Silent heroes

Raj, Puja and Vikram were the silent heroes who helped the police to nab criminals who were targeting a minister.…

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Hakim’s Brave Act

Hakim’s brave act

Hakim’s father Iqbal is on a rescue mission. In this story of a brave act, Hakim proves that size does…

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An Act Of Bravery

An act of bravery

Read about an act of bravery that took place in Timber Trail, a mountain resort. A modern day hero is…

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Modern Day Hero – Sumit Mamgain

Modern day hero – Sumit Mamgain

Our modern-day hero, Sumit Mamgain saves his cousin from a leopard. Read his story to find out more. This is…

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Brave Prisha And The Story Of The Burglars

Brave Prisha and the story of the burglars

On her visit to Granny, Prisha notices some odd things. In the story of the burglars, read about how Prisha…

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The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Wallet

The mysterious case of the missing wallet

Daksh is faced with a mysterious case of his father’s missing wallet. Can he solve it like his detective hero?…

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Journey Into The Future

Journey into the future

Wobbly, the witch, makes a journey into the future, where she sees technology replacing magic. The Magic Conclave was about…

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32 Stories Of The Throne – The Story Of Statue Madanvati

32 stories of the Throne – The Story of Statue Madanvati

In the next edition of 32 stories of the throne, statue Madanvati recounts the story of Vikramaditya’s sacrifice and courage.…

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The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One

The only way to have a friend is to be one

Amit and Mohan are on a vacation in a hill station when trouble befalls them. Will one friend come to…

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How I Wish I Could Fly – Everyone Is Unique

How I wish I could fly – everyone is unique

The baby elephant envied the birds who could fly. After an interesting incident that occurs, he realises that everyone is unique.…

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The Mystery Of The Missing Trees

The mystery of the missing trees

Rishita, Ishita, Ayan and Sayan solve the mystery of the missing trees by being brave and clever. Follow their adventure…

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The Mysterious Carved Sword

The mysterious carved sword

Laxman is growing up to be quite a warrior. Faced with a difficult situation, he promises to protect his village.…

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The Coveted Drone

The coveted drone

Ishaan is a talented young boy who is also on a secret mission. Read the story of how he defeats…

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