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I remember the never ending week that passed before the schools holiday began. In the sweaty heat of Gurgaon, the thought of going to the soothing sea shores of Goa brought cool breeze in my mind. This time my parents had chosen the beautiful beach of Goa with silver sands, shining shells and wavy waters that roared like lions for the vacation trip. 

 When my brother, mother, father and I reached the beach. I was excited to see a beautiful swarm of butter fly fluttering by. I tried chasing them but they fluttered away to the flowers on the small garden patch on the beach.  On the beach we saw star fishes lying still some dead but some alive. We picked up few alive ones and threw them back into their homely sea. The shells were small, far and few. But we still hunted for as many as we could.

The sun shone bright through the shades of the pine and palm trees. I could see its glittering light passing through the leaves of the tall coconut tree. I shook the coconut tree and took the coconut that fell down. It made a good picnic lunch. We also had pineapple and jackfruit after our lunch. My mother told me they are healthy to have.

Vacation time - 2 - Shreemayi (9 years)

The beach was beautiful, windy and vast with coconut palms and pine trees in plenty on one side and the water touching the sky on the other side. But it was also getting hot. So we had ice-creams to keep us cool. Swimming in the beach was risky but we still went into the water and got ourself wet with the wave over us. We screamed as some waves were big and held tight with each other’s hand.

 We had fun there for 2 days and then we went to Jaipur – our next destination. We took good rest on reaching there for the remaining day.

 Next day went in visiting the fantastic fort and sandy dry dessert, heard lots of story about the kings & queens from the guide and had long walks. The dessert was fun with camel ride, heaps of sand and patterns just like someone had played “Statue” with water wave and forgot to un-statue it.

The third day was the best ever. We went to a place called “Sky Walts” for a hot air balloon safari. We went up in the sky and I tried to touch the birds flying by. I tried to touch the faraway clouds but couldn’t. From the hot air balloon I saw people waving at us from the ground. I too waved at them as we passed by. I saw the world from above – large farms, large land filled with bushes and trees like a patch of jungle, large sloppy mountains some green some dry, forts and big buildings that looked small. The world looked tiny from the balloon. After a while I saw other hot air balloons too..!! I waved at them as they waved at me. In 20 minutes we were back to where we started. Our trip was over. 

We came back the next day, lots of memories and fun to remember..!!

Vacation time – part 2
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