“Damn it!” I said, “why does mom send me to the bus stop at 6:00 AM, when the bus arrives at 9:30 AM!? Everybody is at home; I am the only one outside!”

“Shut Up,” said Nanos.

Nanos was the talking phone, I had built myself.

Nanos said, “Your mom called.  She said there is a bandit running out here.”

Too late, I realised he was behind me.  I was scared, but I knew what to do.  As soon as he fired the gun I fell down and acted dead. When he turned his back I took a look at him. He was tall, about 6 1/2 feet. He was muscly, and was wearing a combat jacket, combat jeans and combat boots. He was carrying an INFINICORE blaster, 1/2 mm, new Indian army issue.

It was my idea. I had mapped it and mailed it to the army. I did not know they would take it seriously.

I told Nanos to call the police, then I picked up a thick branch and banged it on his head.

A police car just arrived. The policeman took the bandit away.

He said, “Good work, kiddo.”

He dropped me to school as everybody had gone in their own cars. I could not wait to tell everybody in class!

Unexpected encounter
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