The relation between time and Indians is famous worldwide. Unfortunately it isn’t about maintaining punctuality, but about how well they don’t maintain it. Indians are always late; or I shall rephrase it as ‘Indians are often late’. Similar was the case with Indian Railways. It is not the case now. Thankfully, most of the trains in India are almost punctual these days.

Mumbai is the most populous city in India. Majority of the people of Mumbai depend on railways for transportation. This incident had happened a few years ago. There was one train which always used to arrive late, at times by an hour, most of the times, by several hours. In the beginning people used to get frustrated about how poorly the train maintained its timing. Eventually people got used to it. They gave up all expectations about that train. Nobody could really depend on that train. Days and months passed by. Nobody really ever bothered whether that train had come or not.

One fine morning, that miracle happened. All the people who were waiting for their trains at the railway station couldn’t believe their eyes. They were all left speechless for a moment. Knowing that our tardy train had arrived on time, all the people started celebrating. A couple of people put garlands on the train’s engine, a few started distributing sweets etc. Happiness and joy could be seen in everyone’s eyes.

One short fellow was looking at all the people, still puzzled. He was curious about how the train had arrived on time. When he couldn’t keep the doubt in his mind anymore, he headed to the engine of the train. He called out to the loco pilot of the train, asking, “I am really happy to know that this train reached here on time. But honestly, I can’t believe what I just saw. How did the train managed to reach on time?”

The pilot replied, “I was expecting such a question. You know what, this train was supposed to reach this station yesterday morning. This means, the train is late by 24 hours. Don’t tell this to anyone, okay. Let them celebrate”.

The train on time
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