It was a bright sunny day as usual, in the middle of my summer holidays and I was getting very bored at home. So my father decided to take us to an open mall. When we reached there, I was eager to play games. Finally, I reached a game named ‘THE TICKET TO MUMBAI’. For a turn we had to give them hundred rupees. In it we had to pick balls from an opaque box blind folded and whomever would find the black ball they would win four tickets to Mumbai. At first my sister, my mother and my father got no luck. I was the last one and  I thought if I didn’t find it I would have wasted four hundred rupees. I just put my hand in the box and picked out some random ball and when I opened my eyes I found out that I’d got the black ball. I was very happy to have won the ticket to Mumbai.

Ticket to Mumbai

The next day we packed our bags for the flight next day. I could hardly wait for the morning to arrive. Finally, we went to the airport and boarded the aeroplane. We reached Mumbai after a very comfortable one and a half hour flight.

After we reached our hotel we went to see some famous places like Elephanta Caves and Islands, Sivaji Museum and Gateway of India. Near the Gateway of India there was a GO Karting road with a competition going on. Anybody completing a lap in under thirty five seconds would win an iPhone 7.

I was feeling lucky and decided to give it a try. I was again as usual vivacious during the race and I won the race and an IPhone 7. For me this turned out to be the best holiday ever.

The ticket to Mumbai
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