Post Series: The stories of Kalpanaland

First published in June 2016

In Kalpanaland, there lived a small little mouse called Pappu. He was very naughty and never listened to his parents.

One day, he went to the shopping centre with his mother. He was getting bored. So he asked his mother, “Ma, can I play outside?” She said, “Okay son, but don’t go too far and don’t accept anything from strangers!”

“Okay ma!” said Pappu and went out to play.

Outside the shop, a fox offered him his favourite chocolates. Pappu’s mother had stopped him from accepting anything from strangers. But this fox was giving him tempting chocolates. So he took the chocolates and ate them.

As soon as he did so, he started feeling sleepy and fell to the floor. The fox picked him up and started carrying him away. Just then Daroga dog, the police inspector punched the fox in the face, knocked him out and handcuffed him.

Pappu’s mother ran up to him and held him close. “Darogaji, what happened?” asked his mother. This is Gunda fox, ma’am, a kidnapper. He was trying to kidnap Pappu. I saw him giving Pappu some chocolates.”

“Oh God! What did I tell you about talking to strangers, Pappu? I could have lost you forever son.” Pappu felt sick. Darogaji said, “Say sorry to your mother son and promise me that you will always listen to your parents.”

Pappu had learnt his lesson. After that day, he always listened to his parents and they lived happily ever after.

Word meanings:

  • accept – to take
  • tempting – attractive to someone
The story of Pappu
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