Gaurav was a very naughty boy. One day while trying to play a prank, he learns a sticky lesson.

Gaurav was the naughtiest boy in his class. He enjoyed teasing his classmates and playing pranks on them. Every day the thought of going to school excited him. He would plan for the next day in advance and decide upon his next trick.

He did not like the girl who sat before him in class. She never talked to him and spent her time completing class assignments. Her notebook work was rewarded with the maximum stars by the teacher and she was everyone’s favourite. To top it all, she had a beautiful voice and was named Koel. For some reason, she never smiled at Gaurav ever, and this disturbed him even more. So, he decided to play a prank on her.

The next day after saying the prayers in class, the students took out their English notebooks and were ready to take dictation. “Oh no!!”, said Gaurav, so loudly that everyone turned around to look at him. But, they soon realized that this time too Gaurav had forgotten about the dictation and came unprepared to class. As the teacher began dictating words, Gaurav began straining his neck and tried peeping into Koel’s notebook. He managed to see five out of ten words and was happy about it. After the dictation, it was time to recite the poem one by one. This was the moment Gaurav was looking for. Based on the alphabetic order, his turn came before Koel. So, he stood up and recited the complete poem with correct diction and expression. The whole class applauded for him. In fact, Koel turned around and smiled at him. This made him very happy and smilingly he sat on his seat.

The sticky lesson

Now it was Koel’s turn. She began reciting the poem in soft and sweet tone. Reciting perfectly, she received a loud round of applause. Thanking everyone she sat down. By now, Gaurav had taken out a chewing gum from his bag. As Koel rested her head on the back of the seat, Gaurav extended his hand. He had crushed the chewing gum, so that it would stick to Koels’s long braid easily. But, just as he was about to plant it on her hair, she suddenly sneezed. Thus, her head moved and Gaurav missed his chance. Unfortunately, the sudden sneeze had startled him so much that he accidently pulled his hand back and touched his own hair. The white and sticky chewing gum was now neatly planted on the middle of his head. He looked around to see if anyone noticed it. He was glad no one did. Now, he tried removing the sticky thing from his hair. In the process, more strands stuck to it and it spread to a larger area on his head. A part of the gum was on his index finger and he tried shaking it off. “Get off!”, he yelled in desperation. Now again the entire class turned to him. Suddenly Koel noticed the white patch on his head, and informed the teacher about it. Despite numerous attempts to remove it, the gum stayed where it was. It was undoubtedly an adamant gum and its presence annoyed Gaurav.

Left with no choice, Gaurav returned home with a patch on his head. He had no answer to the queries made by his parents.

The next day when he went to school, he felt sheepish. No, not because the chewing gum was still on his head, but because it left a mark on his head in the form of a bald patch from where it was removed. Never ever, he decided would he ever play a trick on anyone. And certainly never on a sweet looking girl.

Word meanings:

  • Applause – approval, cheering
  • Desperation – nervousness
  • Adamant – obstinate

Values learnt:

The sticky lesson
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