It was early in the morning when Arnav’s clock rose up with many different type of sounds and woke him properly. This is a special alarm which Arnav puts with real excitement as this was the alarm that rings on his very own birthday!

Arnav got ready in great speed, expecting his parents to come and wish him but when they did not came he went to wake up mom and dad but he dint see anyone in the room. He then got to know that his mother had gone for her morning walk and his father had gone to play tennis with his friends as usual. He was very angry because on his every birthday his mother would be busy making his birthday cake and his father would be arranging the birthday party.

Then he thought of calling his best friend Akshay. Akshay’s mother picked up the phone and said that Akshay had gone to his uncle’s house and will return tonight. Arnav was very sad as he already had given an invitation to Akshay to come for his birthday party.

Though he became very sad but he didn’t lose his hope and thought of calling his relatives. He called his maternal grandparents (nani and nana ji) but their servant picked up the phone and said that they had gone to the temple and left their phone. What has happened to all? Then thinking they must have gone to pray for him, he called his dada and dadi ji but there someone picked up the phone and said that they are having their medical check-up and can’t talk now.

It is too much, he thought, but I can’t give up like this. His last hope – his favourite uncle, he called him but….his phone was switched off! He was totally hopeless.

At that moment his parents arrived, he could hear them. As usual her mother had made bread and jam. His mother called him for breakfast but he wanted to cry, he was so angry!

I will not step out, he said to himself.

When he did not come his mother came to call him. Arnav was sitting and crying in a corner.

His mother got anxious, “why are you crying Arnav? What happened?”

“Nobody loves me, today it’s my birthday and everyone is ignoring me. You and papa had not even blessed me, and I will not eat anything”, he said.

Suddenly mom started laughing making him cry even louder. Mom hugged him tightly, wiped his tears and said “Don’t cry, but today is 3rd Jan. Still one day is left for birthday which is tomorrow”.

“No mom,” Arnav said and showed her his alarm clock to prove that he was correct.

“Ooh, this clock! 2 days before while cleaning your room your alarm clock fell down and since then it is running fast and showing wrong date and hence all this confusion making you think it is your birthday today”.

The special birthday - Malhaar Garg (10 years)

“Really!” said Arnav, “sorry mom for troubling you – I love you”.

They were laughing now.

“I am hungry, let’s go and have breakfast”, said Arnav happily going out.

Then Arnav had a good day preparing for his birthday. Now it was day for which this misunderstanding had happened, it was his birthday! His father had arranged a wonderful party for him. As it started, his friends came. The first one was Akshay his best friend. Then his favourite uncle came to greet him. His father was getting frustrated because of the calls by his grandparents to wish Arnav. Now it was time for cake cutting. His mother had made one of the tastiest cakes for him. He was so pleased with all the things!

As the party ended everyone was tired and went back to their house. At their house Arnav said thank you to his parents. This was the most memorable occasion for him.

The special birthday
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