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It was morning and Anshu was ready for school. She came out of the house with her mother to wait for the school bus.

While walking towards the gate, she saw a pigeon lying on the ground. It was trying to fly but wasn’t able to do so. She ran towards it. She noticed that the pigeon was injured and that one of the wings was broken.

Anshu lifted the pigeon in her hands and said, “Mamma! If it stays here like this, some cat or a dog will kill it. Can we give it some place in our house till it’s injured wing heals?”

Mamma agreed and Anshu took the pigeon inside the house. She gave it a little water to drink.

By that time the school bus was at the gate. Anshu picked up her bag and ran to catch the bus.

“Mamma! Please look after the pigeon till I come back from school,” she shouted from the bus.

“Sure, dear! I will,” Mamma replied.

After coming back from school the first thing that Anshu went straight to check on the pigeon. The pigeon looked less afraid now.

Anshu took great care of the pigeon, giving it water and grains every day till it’s injured wing healed.

the new family

The pigeon finally started flying a little in a few days. After nearly a fortnight the pigeon was flying up to the tree in the courtyard.

Then came the time when the pigeon flew for a longer time and stayed on the tree more often. It’s stay in the open sky increased.

But every time it returned back home to Anshu.

Time passed and another pigeon joined the first one. After a few days, Anshu noticed a small nest behind the basket in her courtyard. It had two eggs in it.

Anshu was happy to see that the pigeons had made her house, their home too. Now they were a family.

Word meanings:

  • Injured – hurt
  • Fortnight – a period of 14 days
The new family
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