Baaang!!! The bedroom door banged as the wind slapped it. I shouted as I was already scared because of the downpour and the thundering that was going on outside. My mom suddenly seemed like she was lost in some thoughts. I asked her, “What are you thinking“?

Then my mom said smiling, “I am reminded of a very different and mysterious incident”.

“Could it have anything to do with door”?

“Oh yes, it has a lot to do with doors”.

I was excited as it was a terrifying night and a good story would be just great.

I insisted my mom tell the incident.

She then started as I lay in the bed holding on to a pillow.

“When I was about your age, just a little distance from our house was the river. Near it’s bank was a ruined bungalow. It was called ‘Moti Mahal’. It was very big and had really huge doors. It was said to be of the Mughal time. But now nobody used to live there. The doors were tightly locked and properly sealed. It used to look a little scary sometimes. Now there was a rumor that many spirits used to reside in that palace.  Nobody used to pass that road where the mahal was located after sunset. We were also told about it since childhood.

The mysterious door - Sheetal Subramanya

“So what’s so special about a sealed door?“ I interrupted.

“Just listen, the main part is about to come,” my mom said excitedly.

“So, one hot afternoon me and my cousin brother went to a friend’s house. When we were returning home it was the peak hour of the hotness of the sun and to escape the heat we thought that instead of going through the main road we should take the shortcut through the river side. While walking we were so engrossed in talking that we realized that we are just beside the Moti Mahal. It was so silent that we could hear the sound of the hot air. When we were going on I noticed the door which used to be always locked was open. Me and my brother were really excited and thought to take a quick peek. When we glanced inside the door we saw a big empty hall. There were three huge doors in the hall. Then we saw the sight that gave us Goosebumps, it was that in the middle of the hall was a old wooden rocking chair and on that chair sat a woman wearing a white sari on and with such long grey hair that it touched the legs of the chair. All we could hear in the silent afternoon was the creaking of the chair. Suddenly my brother let out a giggle. Just as he giggled the woman turned towards us in outrage. We could see the anger in her eyes as she shouted in a very peculiar thin and a loud voice “WHO ARE YOU!!!”.

Her voice was so horrifying that no ordinary person could imitate. When I looked beside myself I saw that there was no sight of my brother. He had abandoned me and run away. I was so scared that I also ran the fastest I could run till I reached my home.

My brother immediately told his friends about the incident. They also insisted on going to see the place. Then my brother came and said that he was going to that house with bigger boys of the locality. I did not dare to go again. After some time when he came back, I rushed to him and asked about his visit.

He had a blank face and he replied that the door was fully locked and sealed as before. And me and my brother could not do anything but stare at each other in horror.

The mysterious door
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