Located on the central verge of a busy underpass at an important location in a busy metropolis we always wondered whether we will be alive tomorrow as we had quite frequently seen thousands of cars and other vehicular traffic whiz past us shaking us to the roots by their sheer speed at our tender age of five years. We remember a dreadful night two years back when it had rained heavily and the wall on one side of the underpass caved in almost stirring the entire ground around us. We were lucky to survive this midnight upheaval.

Fears came true the very next day when we woke up to find a lot of men and machinery around us as we recalled the story narrated to us by our forefathers to always pray for our survival whenever there was such a movement around us.

The lucky trio

We were just three scattered in a row ten feet apart from each other and were apprehensive when the heavy machinery moved quite close to us. Good luck came in small packages to us when we heard the senior officer calling others to remove the heavy equipment to the other side of the road.

As I was closest to the wall of the underpass he had set up his office just under the blocked portion of the same and used to quite often look at me as if assuring me of my continued existence. I shared this thought with my two clan mates and we started looking towards life positively. This was soon followed by encasing us with soft mud around us up to four feet height and covering us with plaster of adequate size to allow us to grow spontaneously.

No one probably noticed this but this gave immense happiness, confidence and vitality to us and we are proud to have risen nearly to the top of the highest point of the underpass without fear for our survival and wishing well to everybody whizzing past us as a token of thanks giving to the green-hearted men for extending our lease of life.

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The lucky trio
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