The kitten and the rat

Golu the mouse, he lived in my house

And he ate from the kitchen store

The cookies and breads, and little fish heads

And cheese and butter and more

I pitied the fellow and kept being mellow

Till one day he nibbled my toes

Then I thought the cat must be bought

And that is how the story goes.

I asked my Nani to lend me Rani

Her round and chubby cat

And I got her home and let her roam

And find that silly rat

She found him soon, under a spoon

Where he was taking a nap

She took her aim and started the game

And they did a pretty rap

The terrible chase changed the kitchen’s face

As they broke my precious ware

And now I have a house with a hidden mouse

And lots of kitten hair.

The kitten and the rat
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