Tony was a boy who studied in class 1. Tony was very fond of animals. Whenever he saw a dog on the streets, he gave him a biscuit to eat. Tony had a friend named Pintu, who was very naughty.

Once, Pintu tied a tin-can to the tail of the dog that lived on their street.  Scared, the poor dog started running here and there. Tony ran to help the dog. He untied the tin-can from the dog’s tail and set him free.

Tony then warned Pintu that what he was doing was wrong. He should show kindness towards animals. He told him that animals can also feel and get hurt like humans. But, Pintu laughed and went away.

the kind boy


  • Scared- Afraid
  • Untied-free/to open
  • Kidnap- to take away (someone) by force
The kind boy
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