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One day when I woke up, my mother told me that we were going to Dehradun tomorrow. At midnight, I was sleeping in my bed dreaming about Dehradun. As the clock struck 12, I got up and quietly tiptoed to the kitchen. I opened the drawer and grabbed two packets of sweets and kept them in the suitcase. Then I went back to sleep.

Next morning, mamma woke me up at 5:30 and we were ready in half an hour. Our train would leave at 7:20 am so we left our house at 6:15. Mamma, papa, my little brother and I boarded the train at 7:10 and got out at 11:00. It took us half an hour to reach the hotel. Its name was Lemon Tree Hotel.

It was a very nice hotel – it had a game center, a fitness center and many more fabulous things. There was a cafeteria also. It had lot of things to eat. We had reached at 11:25 and there was a magic show at 11:30. So we went to the magic show. There the magician called me to teach me tricks. He said ‘Aaala, bala kala, chaala mala lala’ and suddenly I disappeared. I found myself in a weird room from which strange noises were coming. I was so scared, I ran out of the room and before I knew it, I was in front of the magician again. Everybody applauded the magician but I was too scared.

It was time for us to go to our room. I heard the strange the noises again and when I followed the voice, I saw a room where the door was labelled S.S.S.R. I called it ‘Staff’s Special Spooky Room’. I called it spooky because strange noises came from the room every night and that was scary.

Oh, I forgot to tell you something – we were staying there for 6 days which seemed quite long to me. But I had agreed and there was no turning back now. Next day, morning came and the sun shone through the window. It was 7:30 in the morning. A gentle breeze came from the sliding glass. I was very hungry but the cafeteria opened at 8:00 am. So I took out one of my packet of sweets and started eating them. I was thinking of going back to S.S.S.R. I woke up brother Yash and told him that I was going to a room called S.S.S.R. He said, ‘Take me along, I also want an adventure!’ ‘Ok, I need a plan.’, I said. so we thought of something quick and took our packet of sweets to S.S.S.R.

When we entered the room, strange noises started coming again. Like ‘oooohh’, eeeeehhhh’ and ‘meeeeaaaang’. It was extremely scary. The room was very dimly lit. we walked towards a broken table and suddenly a ghastly, glow in the dark hand came out of the drawer and snatched my packet of sweets and pushed us out of the room. We were so scared, we couldn’t say a word. With all our power left, we ran away.

To be continued next month…

The hotel’s secret
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