Post Series: The hotel's secret

There was something else also hidden under the mat – a card in which it was written, ‘Come to my room and we will share the stolen loot. Signed, Manager.’

It seemed as if the manager had written it in a hurry. I took the note as proof and went inside. The manager was shocked to find his note in my hand.

‘Well, so where is the stolen loot?’, I said.

‘Stolen loot, I don’t know anything about the stolen loot!’, replied the manager.

‘Well, ok, then who has written this?’, I asked.

‘Anybody can do that!’, said the manager.

Then suddenly, something caught my eye. It was glow in the dark paint.

‘Ok, then why do you have that glow in the dark paint? Have you coloured some ghastly hand with it?’, I asked.

‘Well’, said the manager,’ I am caught.’

‘Well, the game is not finished yet. You have to tell us where your dear partner is!’, we said.

‘No. I won’t tell you that!’, said the manager.

Then, I had an idea. I ran to the S.S.S.R and there he was, the manager’s partner, holding a book in which was written , S.S.T.R. – Super Special Treasure Room.

The manager’s partner got so scared looking at us that he spilled the beans. He told us that whenever someone entered the room, he would scare them with a ghastly hand machine and would take away their jewels and whatever precious things they had.

So now we knew the truth and we called the cops. They were put in jail. The old lady had lost a lot of jewels. She got them back and was happy. And we went home happily munching sweets.

The hotel’s secret – part 3
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