Post Series: Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya

There lived two sisters, Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya. They lived in Ghaziabad with their mother and maternal grandparents. They were ecstatic today as their father was returning from the Sri Lanka war. Their father was in the Indian Army and often had to travel alone. Occasionally he was posted to a place where the entire family could live. Once their father arrived today, the entire family would travel to and live in a new city, Aizawl.

Aizawl is in the North-East of India and is the capital city of Mizoram. The trip from Ghaziabad was a long one. First they had to travel by train from Delhi to Kolkata. Then they had to catch a flight to Silchar. Finally, they had to drive for four hours from Silchar to Aizawl.

This was Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya’s first flight. After a lot of preparation, the family reached the Kolkata airport. Their flight was scheduled to take off at 9 am. However, even by 9 am, there was no sight of the pilot! They could not even see any of the other passengers. After waiting patiently, the family decided to sit in front of the only TV at the airport. There were a lot of people around the TV as it was time for the popular ‘Mahabharat’. Everyone was watching ‘Mahabharat’ enraptured. Finally, at 10 am once Mahabharat was over, the pilot stood up. Looked like their flight was finally ready for departure!

Pehli Udaan

Both Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya had requested a window seat in advance. They managed to get seats one behind the other. Excited, Hiranmayi kept shouting to Bhanupriya to show her the view from her window. However, Bhanupriya could see the same view from her window and so was not listening to her sister! Their father explained to them that when they travelled in a car, their windows were on opposite sides. However, in the plane as their windows were on the same side, there was no need to yell and disturb the other passengers! Both sisters fell silent.

The flight was finally ready to take off. The doors were shut and all the passengers were told to tie their seatbelts. Slowly the plane taxied towards the runway. It stopped for a couple of seconds and then with a lot of gusto it took off. Both the sisters were afraid, but all the other passengers were sitting quietly reading their newspaper. They did not want to show their fear like little children.

Once the plane straightened in the air, they were able to see clearly outside the window. Now that the seatbelts could be unfastened, they sat up straight in their chairs. All they could see was a layer of cotton-like cloud. At this height the clouds were taking odd forms. The flight took a route around one of the clouds as well.

The flight was only an hour long. Their mother had told them that they were also going to fly over Bangladesh. However, they found it hard to distinguish between countries as all looked the same from this height.

When they had left Delhi, all they could see were houses and cars. However, from the air Silchar was beautiful. Based in the high mountains, tea is grown in Silchar. On some mountains, all they could see were tea plantations. The flight took them over the Barak River, on the banks of which Silchar is located.

Eventually, the flight landed at Silchar airport. Their first flight was not long, but it was still their first. Hiranmayi and Bhanupriya were now ready for their next adventure.


Word meanings

  • ecstatic – very happy or excited
  • enraptured – to be filled with delight

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The first flight
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