Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a small village by the riverside. It was green and beautiful. There were cool springs in the village. The grass was lush and green. Many birds lived in the trees of the village. There was peace, calm and serenity everywhere. The villagers were simple and everybody lived a happy life. Though they had less, yet they were satisfied and never asked for more.

One day a monster was passing by the village. When he saw the beauty and the calmness of the village, he was enchanted. He had never seen such a beautiful place before. He decided to halt his journey and live in that village forever. His plan was to fool the villagers and gradually suck up all the goodness from the village.

But the villagers would come to know of his wicked plans. So he changed himself and appeared in the disguise of a sage.

the demon sage

He created some people by his evil magic. There were four servants, who were expected to be constantly on their toes to run errands for the monster. They were ordered by the monster to build a little cottage. A beautiful little cottage which had many features, all designed as per the wishes of the monster and to suit his whims and fancies was made.

In addition, there was a woman who was employed for cleaning the cottage and the surroundings. She was also given the work of cooking lavish meals for him as the monster was very fond of eating delicacies.

The whole day the monster kept the servants at task. He never allowed them to rest even for a minute.

When the villagers passed near the cottage, the monster was always seen meditating. He gave an impression that he was a spiritual person.

Soon, the word spread and the villagers started approaching him to seek his blessings. In the beginning all was fine, but some years passed and he started telling them that the greenery in the village was because of him and because of his prayers. The water in the river and the waterfalls was due to him. The trees flower because of him.

“You should be thankful to me. It’s all because of my prayers and my efforts that the village is green and everybody is hale and hearty.”

Slowly, villagers got tired of his talks. People came to know of his intentions that he had a wish to be prayed to like God. They knew that the workers were under a spell and could not say any word against him. But the villagers were simple people who wanted to avoid any enmity. So, they did not say anything to the sage, but kept away from him.

But slowly people stopped going near his hut. Some of them even  settled on the other side of the river. Years went by and a time came when there was hardly any person left in that village. Most of the people had settled in the village across the river.

The other village prospered and this village became empty except for the monster’s hut and its inmates.

One day a little girl was passing by with her father. They went to the monster’s hut. The monster was in a meditation pose.

The monster spoke as usual, taking credit for the river, the sky and also the village on the other side.

But the little girl laughed at hearing this and said, “Ha, ha, ha….The sky, the trees, the river and the air, are all God’s creation not yours. They belong to nature. You are a liar.”

The monster went aghast. Nobody had said this to him in years. His eyes were red with anger. He got so angry that he burnt in fumes. As the monster died, the spell was broken, the four people and the woman came into their real form and the hut disappeared.

The village on this side of the river became green and lively once again.

Word Meanings:

  • enchanted – charmed
  • errands – tasks
  • aghast–filled with horror or shock
Background music: Behind Your Window (Kai Engel) / CC BY 4.0
The demon sage
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