Once upon a time, a boy went to the market and bought a Christmas Tree. The Christmas tree looked very nice. The boy decorated it very well and made it look as beautiful as the best. The boy took the tree and put it amongst all the other trees in the house. But suddenly, strong gust of wind came and blew the decorations away. In the morning, the boy woke and was surprised to see that there was no decoration on the tree. The boy went to his mama and asked for money to buy more decoration but mama had spent all the money and had no more money left.

The boy started to cry. Suddenly, the snow queen arrived and asked the boy’ Why are you crying?”. The boy said, “All my decorations flew away!” The snow queen smiled and said, “ Don’t worry! I can give you decorations made of snow and then you can hang it on the Christmas tree and it will get decorated again! It can’t even be blown away!”

Saying this, the snow queen flew away. Magically, the tree was full of snow decorations.

The next day, when the sun rose in the morning, the decorations melted away. Then the snow king came and saw the boy crying. He asked ,”Why are you crying boy?” The boy said,” My decorations have melted away”. The snow king said, “Don’t worry! I know someone  who can give you metal decorations. He is Santa’s baby. His name is Santo.”

But Christmas day went by and Santo did not come. But Santa knew how hard working the boy was and gave him not one but three gifts. After that, Santa felt hungry and went back to his house. And the boy became happy and was proud of himself.

The Decorator boy and the Snow queen
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