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Freddy and Maddy were two rats who lived in two opposite corners of the grocery store. Both of them waited eagerly for the night when the store was empty to come out of their holes and look for food. Sometimes they got lucky but sometimes they could not find anything so they had to stay hungry.

Freddy and Maddy did not like each other and often fought with each other. One night both were out looking for food, both were very hungry as the day before they had not found anything to eat. As they ran squeaking from end of the store to another looking for something to eat they spotted a big piece of yummy cheese behind the counter.

Freddy and Maddy both ran towards it and both of them reached it at the same time.

Freddy said, “Squeak squeak… This is mine I saw it first!”

the cheese pact

Maddy replied, “Squeak squeak squeak, you saw it first but I reached it first!”

They kept arguing like this for a while.

Freddy finally said, “Okay whoever can take it owns it”. Both starting pulling at the piece of cheese but it did not move as they were pulling in opposite directions. After a while both were tired and hungrier too! But neither had the cheese.

Freddy then came up with an idea and said, “Let us both try and drag it together to a place where we can eat it.”

Maddy agreed, “1, 2, 3 go!” Soon they were able to move the cheese and started nibbling happily on the piece of cheese together.

Maddy said, “This is better than fighting. Let us make a cheese pact. We should look for food together and work as team. How does that sound?”

Freddy said in between bites, “ Sure… Let’s say cheese!”

Word meanings:

  • Eagerly : Excitedly, enthusiastically
  • Nibbling: Eat with small bites
The cheese pact
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