Sheru was a little puppy. He was very small. All other puppies used to tease him and make fun of him, saying… “Oh! Look at Sheru! … He’s a S..H..O..R..T..Y!” He complained to his Mom about this. His mother consoled him by saying, “If you eat properly and exercise, you will become big and strong.”

So he started exercising and eating a healthy diet. But he was a breed of low height. So he couldn’t grow tall beyond a certain point. Other dogs became bigger. They continued teasing Sheru.

One day a pack of wolves attacked Sheru’s village. They scared away the villagers. All the other dogs also ran away into a hiding place. Now the wolves reached Sheru’s house where his master’s little baby was sleeping in a cot.

The door of the room was wide open. Sheru was watching this. The leader of the pack had come very near the door. All of a sudden Sheru felt a surge of energy in him and he sprang up to attack the leader. Sheru fiercely held the neck of the leader with his teeth. The wolf was also strong. He tried to jerk away from Sheru. But Sheru did not budge.

The Big Hero

On seeing this, the other dogs who were watching from far also felt courageous. They joined Sheru. One held the front leg of the wolf and other attacked from behind. Yet another bit at the ear. Seeing the fierceness of the dogs, all the wolves made a run back to the jungle. Finally the leader also accepted defeat and somehow managed to escape the grip of the dogs and limped back fast into the forest.

Hearing the growling sounds, the Master had become alert inside the house. He had seen Sheru in action. He came out of the house and stroked Sheru lovingly. All the other dogs also looked at Sheru in admiration. Sheru’s parents were proud of their little puppy.

Little Sheru became a ‘Big Hero’.

The big hero
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