First published in November 2016

Maanas was 14 years old. He was fed up of the tough life that he was going through. School was a boring place and going there every day seemed like a punishment. Moreover, the school was far away from his house.

The rigor of getting up early in the morning to catch the bus, was something he disliked utterly. On top of that, he scored low grades and always got a look of contempt from his peers. He did not excel in anything. Even to score the low grades that he usually got, he was pressurised to study whole day, or so it seemed to him.

One day Maanas went to a home store with his mother. While his mother was shopping, he went around looking at the beautiful, glossy, polished and decorated pieces displayed neatly on the shelves. The shine gave them an attractive look even with simple designs. How much he loved visiting this store, which had so many eye-catching things. He wanted to buy everything from there.

Then he came across a big pot that could be used for decoration. He got enchanted by its beauty and picked it up in his hands to have a closer look.

“It’s so beautiful!” he exclaimed. “The potter has done a remarkable job.”

the beautiful pot

To his surprise, the pot started speaking. It said, “I wasn’t this beautiful from the beginning. I was dull and brown coloured simple mud before the potter transformed me.”

“When the potter pulled me away from mother earth, I cried in pain, extreme pain.” But the potter said, “Just wait! Your pain will get over.”

“Then he kneaded me with his legs. I again suffered in getting tormented in this way.” I questioned the potter, “Why are you doing this to me. What have I done to bear such sufferings?”

The potter was calm. He said, “Just wait.”

“As if this was not enough, I was then thrown onto the potter’s wheel, where I was given a hard spin, so much, that it gave me a dizzy feeling. But the potter didn’t let me go.”

“STOP! STOP!” I cried almost fainting. But all my pleas fell on deaf ears.

“After giving me a desired shape he put me in the hot oven. What a torture it was. My whole body burnt. I thought I would not be able to survive the heat.” I cried, “Why me?”

But the potter repeated the same sentence calmly, “Just Wait.”

“After baking me, he poured hot paint over my body. I wondered why I was even created and so I asked the potter, “Will this suffering ever end?”

And the potter said, “Just Wait.”

“Finally he drew beautiful flowers all over me, with contrasting colours and glazed me to give a shine.”

“Then he held me and put me in front of the mirror and asked me to look at myself. I was completely amazed by the transformation. From the dull, brown mud he had created a beautiful pot, which is admired by everybody who passes by.”

Maanas, the sufferings and the struggles that you are facing now by the school and the laborious schedule, by strict parents and teachers, is just to transform you into a person who will be admired by all.


New Words:

  • Enchanted – put (someone or something) under a spell
  • Rigor – the difficult and unpleasant conditions or experiences
  • Tormented – severe mental or physical suffering
The beautiful pot
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