A long time ago, in a palace, there lived a king and a queen. They had everything they wanted except just one thing – their own baby. They always prayed for a baby but never got one. The queen used to wish for a baby looking at the stars every night.

One day, the queen realized that she had a baby in her stomach. After 9 months, it was time and the whole kingdom was waiting to see the baby, but when the baby was born, the queen died. The baby was the most beautiful ever and the king decided never to marry again for his daughter.

He loved his daughter a lot and spent a lot of time teaching her a lot of things. As the girl kept asking for her mother. The king told her that her mother was among the clouds. As a baby she found it very fascinating, but as she grew up she learnt new things. One day she asked her father for an airplane so she could go see her mother. The king told her that it was dangerous and she would never get an airplane. He loved her too much to let her risk her life. The princess tried to convince that she would take soldiers and parachutes with her but she was still denied.

The Astronaut Princess

The princess kept requesting and the king kept refusing. The princess wanted to meet her mother very much and she kept trying to find ways to reach the clouds.

Finally, the princess grew up to be an astronaut. She learnt by then that people don’t live in the clouds when they die, but she had fallen in love with the stars, just like her mother and now wanted to go explore them and remember her mother.

The astronaut Princess
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