Once upon a time, in a small village called Mithupur, there lived four friends – an ant, a beetle, a moth and a butterfly. One evening, all of them got together at the ant’s house. They decided to have some kheer for dinner. The ant requested her friends to help her in the kitchen. Sadly, the ant’s friends wanted to have kheer but none of them wanted to help her. The beetle said, “I would have loved to help you dear, but my antennae may get damaged if they get dipped in the hot milk.”  The moth said, “Oh my! I have a terrible headache. I will not be able to stand in the kitchen.” The butterfly also gave her excuse, “My friend, I am also unable to help you. The colours of my wings will fadeby the heat in the kitchen.” The poor ant went into the kitchen and started making the kheer. She cooked rice in the milk and then added some sugar to it. She also added some kesar to give colour and flavour to the kheer.  The aroma of the delicious kheer soon reached the noses of the beetle, the moth and the butterfly. They eagerly waited for the ant to bring in the sweet-dish.

The Ant’s Kheer

What would you have done had you been in the ant’s place? Would you have shared the kheer with your friends or not? Why/why not? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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Soon the ant came out of the kitchen. But she did not have the kheer in her hand! Her friends requested her to get the kheer for them. With a meaningful smile on her face, the ant said, “Dear beetle, you should not eat the kheer as your antennae may get damaged if they get dipped in the kheer.” To the moth she said, “Moth, my friend, having sweets may increase your headache. I don’t want you to get any sicker, so I will not give you any kheer”. Then, she turned towards the butterfly and said, “You too, my lovely friend, must not have kheer. Having sweets can increase your weight and make it difficult for you to fly. Only I deserveto have the kheer because I made it all by myself. None of you helped me.” The friends were very sorry for their actions. They understood their mistake. They realized that they should have helped the ant in the kitchen. They apologised to the ant for their bad behaviour. The ant had a big heart. She forgave her friends and shared the delicious kheer with them. The four friends enjoyed the kheer together and promised to help each other in the future.

Word Meanings:                            

  • fade – lighten
  • flavour – taste
  • aroma – smell
The ant’s kheer
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