– Aditeya Goyal

– Aditya Dagar

”I feel great that I am a part of Neev magazine. It’s unique motivational stories written in simple language are worth appreciating. It’s informative articles help me grow and have made me more knowledgeable. I eagerly wait for every coming issue.”

– Menka Wadhani

“Your initiative will be a great source of motivation for Aditya and many more like him. Keep doing great work.”

– Shefali Shokeen

“It is a great pleasure for my daughter Shreemayi and all of us to see her work getting published.”

– Rekha Kurup

“Knowledge of own culture and language is most essential for growing children. Neev helps put this foundation strongly in a safe reading mode and very convenient manner.”

– Satish

“As parents we took pride that our children loved reading and books were the best gifts for them. Extremely happy to see that Neev is making an effort to keep the healthy reading habits alive in children.”

– Poonam

The best part is that Neev is promoting Hindi, because now a days children do not know much about Hindi.

– Tanima

Love the multimedia approach, but especially love the bilingual approach.

– Ashutosh

Neev is a wonderful initiative to develop a love of reading in children. As a mother, I have seen how much a child is eager to know and to listen to stories not only of their own culture and country but also of faraway lands. In the present times, when there is a flood of apps and digital games, Neev is here to make its mark and keep the children connected to the basics and the values.

– Archana

We can keep complaining about the impact of various devices on our children. However, Neev manages to undercut the problems and disadvantages. Neev uses those same devices and provides a platform that goes back to the oral storytelling technique, thus harnessing digital technology to serve a different purpose altogether! That’s such a great combination.

– Tarini

नींव रख दी है, कुछ अपेक्षा की,
बच्चों को ख़ुशियाँ दिलाने की,
इस नींव पर निर्माण हो चाहत पूरी होने की,
हर्षोल्लास के मौक़े पर, कामना है मेरी,
पूरा परिवार जग मग चमके,
और फैलाये ज्ञान की होली।

– Tanima

This looks like a super effort…congratulations to Neev for this concept…would like to try out surely for my kids…living away from the main hindi speaking areas, they struggle with hindi conversation skills…i think they’ll benefit from this …would like to promote to more friends who struggle with the same issue with their kids…

– Ruchika

“Found the content very rich and meaningful. The audio quality is great, with voice that mesmerised and soothes. Love the background music. I enjoyed it a lot. I restrict media time so plan to use this instead. My kids 6.5 years and 4 years are story hungry… They will surely love this. Thanks for creating something so beautiful, power to the Neev Team”

– Niharika

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