Stripes And Spots

Stripes and spots

  • September 1, 2018

Long, long ago, there lived two naughty fairies, named Trixy and Nixy. They, along with many other fairies, worked under the Fairy Queen, called May. The job of these two fairies was to paint or darken  spots or stripes on…

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The Mysterious Door

The mysterious door

Baaang!!! The bedroom door banged as the wind slapped it. I shouted as I was already scared because of the downpour and the thundering that was going on outside. My mom suddenly seemed like she was lost in some thoughts.…

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Gayatri And The Blue Bird

Gayatri and the blue bird

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Gayatri. She was very kind hearted and loved all forms of nature. There was a park right outside Gayatri’s house and every evening, after finishing her homework, she would go…

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A Lovely Day

A lovely day

Today I am reminded of a very special incident that happened to me years ago. That incident still makes me smile. My papa is an army officer and a few years ago we were posted at Leh. It so happened…

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