“Congratulations, Anita!” Lavanya exclaimed whole-heartedly. Her entire being was quivering with immense happiness for her sister’s brand new job. A six figure salary, a ritzy apartment, and other lucrative perks were now awaiting Anita who would be joining the job as soon as she completed the final year of her professional studies. Lavanya was happy for her sister but she couldn’t help wonder, “How nice it would be if my career were as secure as my sister’s.”

Both Anita and Lavanya had passed out of one of the best girls’ schools of the city. Anita was a good student, not a genius though; Lavanya was a good sportsperson, not a genius though. Both the sisters performed well in their respective fields.

School life got over and the time for channelizing their careers came. Anita was a good student and she got admission in one of the reasonably good colleges of the city. Well, the really good colleges were filled with school toppers, of which there were many! However, college reputation does not really matter to intelligent and sincere students who study well and perform well. Anita had both these characteristics and she performed well. Her hard work was rewarded when she bagged a good job at the end of her course.

Lavanya managed to just pass her tenth standard public examination. She was engaged in winning tournaments for her school. Motivated by her impressive athletic performance, her father admitted her in one of the best sports academies of her city.  A zealous Lavanya joined the sports academy. There she met many talented young girls. Some were better athletes than her while others were not as good.

“Hello Lavanya, I am Shivani!” called out one of her batch mates.

“Hello Shivani. How are you?”

Shivani smiled and replied, “I am fine, Lavanya. Both of us are new to this academy and we are batch mates. Let us be good friends.”

Are sports a good career choice

Lavanya was overjoyed with the proposal which she readily accepted. The two girls became great companions. They would practice their lessons together and eat together.

One evening both Lavanya and Shivani strolled on the commodious and immaculate roads of the academy campus. The greenery flanking these roads created a picture of serenity. Such heavenly ambience is a rare treat.

Shivani cried out in sheer joy, “Hey, Lavanya! Everything looks so beautiful, doesn’t it? Ah! I am enjoying it!”

Shivani was surprised to note that Lavanya was engrossed in some thought and had hardly listened to her.

Absent-mindedly Lavanya asked, “What is beautiful?”

Having understood that something really important must be occupying her friend’s mind Shivani patiently repeated, “This place where we are walking.”

Lavanya did not seem to be listening to Shivani. She kept walking, seemingly oblivious to everything that was happening around her.

Shivani politely asked her, “What is the matter , Lavanya? You seem to be worried about something.”

Lavanya replied, “Not really, Shivani. I was just wondering if my decision to drop studies for pursuing sports is good. I have seen that only the exceptionally talented and popular sports persons have a secure future, others lead lives of hardships. While players of international level are showered with a lot of gifts and money, the mediocre do not get to earn well. The future of those who play well is also not secure. I have learnt about some players who were in great financial glory when they were at the peak of their careers, but in shambles when their career graphs sloped down. With a sports career, you can expect fluctuations in your income and this leads to financial insecurity for many.”

Shivani smiled, “Lavanya, your apprehensions about pursuing a career in sports are genuine. However, an aspiring athlete like you should not be discouraged by all this .Whatever you say is a fact, but let us see how we can overcome all our obstacles to reach our desired goal.

Lavanya’s face brightened. Here was someone who could tell her how to have a secure future even while pursuing an unpredictable career. Shivani kindled hope in Lavanya who eagerly requested her to proceed with her advice.

Shivani said, “All careers do not reward you equally. Hence, one should not compare careers. Secondly, though some careers appear to pose greater financial security than others, no career guarantees hundred percent security.

When choosing a career with fluctuating returns, you should always try to earn your backup income in some other way.

Sports are a wonderful career option. It is a representation of youthfulness, good health and most importantly a sportive mind. Though play is considered as something that children waste their time on by some parents, it is to be understood that it is as important as studies as it helps one become a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy person. Rather, people of all age groups should engage in some sport or the other to cope with the stresses of life and impede the process of aging.

Many do not take up sports for a career because it appears quite risky to do so. Instead they would opt for some careers that would provide them stable jobs with decent salaries and perks. They are not incorrect as livelihood comes first. But, should you sacrifice if you have a passion for sports? Well, the answer is certainly “No”.

Certain things that you could bear in mind are:

  • Assess your aptitude for a sport. Hard work will take you to a certain level, but your natural talent matters.
  • Assess your level of preparedness for the hard work required – often you get to see children and young people playing popular games over-enthusiastically for a few days after watching a match. Only a few of them continue with the activity after a few days.
  • Becoming a player is not child’s play, it is serious business. Out of sheer admiration for their favourite sports personalities and the glamour associated with them many youngsters fancy a career in sports. However, very few endure the hardships of the rigorous training and other efforts that are required to make a sport star. Others leave the grounds midway. They jeopardize their crucial academic preparations for the senior level public examinations, the outcome of which turns out to be bad. Hence, a realistic understanding of the effort required for becoming a sport star is essential.
  • Not every sportsperson makes it big. Few get a chance to take part in international events. One should aim high, but at the same time be prepared with an alternative career to make a living. Many government organizations provide employment to sportspersons. One can also become a sports coach. Nowadays, a lot of encouragement and support is being given to the sports aspirants and they are finding themselves placed well in life.
  • Last but not the least; do not ignore academics in your pursuit of becoming a sportsperson. It always helps as an alternative career option.”


Shivani’s words sounded very encouraging. Lavanya was very happy to know about the prospects of a career in sports. She thanked Shivani for guiding her and motivating her to take up sports professionally.

Word meanings

  • ritzy – high-end
  • commodious –spacious
  • quivering – trembling
Are sports a good career choice
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