Sanjay, Disha, Rohit and Ananya were very excited. They lived in Sunlight Colony in New Delhi and like every year, the residents were preparing for their annual Sports Meet. These children had a special reason to be happy about. This year if their team won the relay race, they would be the recipients of the Sunlight Trophy. It meant a lot to them, because only the team which won successively for three years would receive the trophy, and so far, no team had ever won it.

Amidst all the preparations, the four children decided to get together and plan a strategy for winning. Just as they sat on their chairs in Sanjay’s house, Rohit fell down suddenly with a loud thump. Unfortunately, he sat on a broken stool. “Ouch”, said Rohit, “Please help me, I am unable to stand.” While Sanjay helped Rohit stand, Disha rushed to get another chair. Meanwhile, Ananya fetched a glass of water for Rohit. This showed the solidarity they were known for in the colony, and that was exactly the name of their team – “Solidarity”. As Sanjay’s mother noticed the commotion in her house, she rushed to see what it was all about. Examining Rohit’s ankle, she immediately called his parents, who rushed him to the doctor.

With just two days for the event to take place, Sanjay, Disha and Ananya stood in Rohit’s house looking upset. Rohit had hurt himself badly and there was no way he could participate in the race. He had been advised bed rest by the doctor. What were they to do now? Team Solidarity was not prepared to back out. This was a testing time for them. But what a dilemma to be in! Where would they get a new participant from, at the last minute? All the children in the colony were participating, and were in different teams. There was no one to join them, except…..Aman. How could they take Aman in their team? Yes, he was a sweet boy, very well-mannered and very soft spoken, and always wanted to participate in the events held in the colony. But still, how could he become their team member?


Just as they were wondering what to do, Aman entered Rohit’s room. He had heard about the mishap and came to look up Rohit. Aman hobbled towards Rohit’s bed on his crutches. That is what he had learnt to walk with. He was quite used to it and could manage himself quite well. While Rohit passed Aman a weak smile, the other team members glanced at each other. Suddenly Rohit said, “Aman, since I cannot participate in the event, will you do me a favour and replace me in the race?”. There was pin drop silence, and then Sanjay broke it. Smiling at Aman he said, “Yes Aman, it would be wonderful if you could join us”. Aman smiled back. He could not believe his luck.

“Ready, steady, go”, said the referee. The race had begun, and Team Solidarity appeared to be the clear winner till…..till the baton was handed to Aman. He tried his best, he struggled very hard, but soon the other teams surpassed him. With tears in his eyes and firm resolve of not giving up, he continued. Suddenly he felt that he was not alone. Sanjay, Disha and Ananya had joined him and helped him finish the race. As the crowd cheered, it was apparent that Team Solidarity would not win this year, despite all their efforts.

Yes, they did not get the trophy that year, but were pleasantly surprised to see their pictures in the local newspaper for living up to the reputation of the team’s name. It read, “Team Solidarity – the true winners of hearts and souls.”

Word meanings

  • successively: following one after the other
  • apparent: obvious
  • solidarity: feeling of unity between people having same goals

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