This is a very old story. In the small town named Mithila there lived a wood merchant named Satyawaan. In the front yard of his house he had a wood shop. He would mostly sell wood for last rites since his shop was very close to the cremation ground in the town. Though his name was Satyawaan he was a very cunning man. He would always sell wood at higher rates to the relatives of the dead. Many times he would also insist on urgent payment even if the customer was poor and needy.

His wife Sheela always told him to stop being so money minded. Due to his deeds they were never happy in spite of earning a lot of money. Sheela would always be upset since they had no children and always though it was because of the cheating business conduct of her husband.

One night Satyawaan was sleeping and had a nightmare. He was sitting in his shop as usual and one huge godly figure approached his shop. That figure was sitting on a huge black buffalo. He got off the buffalo and walked towards Satyawaan. Arrogant Satyawaan ignored him completely. He then said, “Satyawaan, so far you have committed thousands of sins. It is time to take away your life and send your soul to hell. Your name is the very first on my list provided by Chitragupta who keeps records of the sins committed by you humans.”

Satyawaan was shocked and said, “I am not at all ready to die.”

“Your name is the first on the list and I must take away your soul.” Yamraaj replied. The wicked mind of Satyawaan immediately came up with an idea to cheat Yamraaj. He said, “Ok, since you have come to my house as a guest it is my duty to honour you as we believe “Guest is God.”

Yamraaj agreed. Satyawaan asked Sheela to bring all the delicious food items cooked for lunch. She was standing right there and shivering with fear. Once she brought the food, Satyawaan asked her to leave immediately. Satyawaan secretly added a medicine into the food that would put Yamraaj to sleep. After eating all the delicious food Yamraaj fainted and slept for a long time.

During this time Satyawaan erased his name from the first position on the list and wrote it as the last name. After a couple of hours when Yamraaj woke up he was looking very happy with Satyawaan, “You offered me such a delicious meal. I am very thankful to you. So I will ignore the order of the list order and start from the last name on the list.” Poor Satyawaan could do nothing about it. He had to go with Yamraaj to hell.

So kids, the lesson we take from the story is that cheating is bad habit. You have to pay for your wrong deeds someday. Thus always be honest and truthful in life. That will ultimately give us a guilt free and happy life.

Word meanings:

  • Arrogant – having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities

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Sinner Satyawaan
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