This is a story about an army officer, Major Vishwanathan, who lived with his family in a haunted house.

One day Major Vishwanathan was searching for a house. He saw an old mansion on the outskirts of Mussorie. People said that the house was haunted, but Major Vishwanathan did not believe in ghosts. He and his family liked the house very much and bought the house.

One night when the entire family was sleeping, the Major heard that somebody was whispering under his bed. He looked down but saw nothing. Other day he saw his son was talking to somebody, but the Major saw nobody. He asked his son who he was talking to. His son replied that he was talking to a man named Shangri-La. The Major thought that this was a joke.

One day when his wife was opening the door of the storeroom, a rabbit jumped out of the store. The rabbit was wearing an Orb around its neck. Mrs Vishwanathan found it cute and gave it to her daughter.

One day when the little girl woke up from sleep she saw that a sharp red light was coming from the dining room. She peeped into the dining room and was startled to see that the red light came from the TV…….the rabbit was watching TV and laughing like humans. The little girl froze. She also realized that she was wearing the rabbit’s Orb. When she went near the rabbit and tried to hold it, it suddenly disappeared. Next morning when she woke up, she thought that it was a dream but later could not find the rabbit anywhere. She was still wearing the rabbit’s Orb.

One day when she got ready for school and sat down for breakfast, she heard a strange voice coming from inside her. Oh my God! It is the rabbit’s voice, she said to herself.

She whispered to herself, “Are you controlling me?” and heard the rabbit’s voice – Yes.

She now realized that the rabbit had possessed her. She got very scared and told the entire episode to her father. This chain of strange events in the house was now making Major Vishwanathan suspicious. He called a priest.

The priest told the family about the ghost of the man which haunted the house and his rabbit. He told them that the man loved the rabbit very much. Before his death, he split his soul into two parts. One part was left with the rabbit and the other part roamed the house freely. It was this part of the man’s soul the little boy was found talking to. The little girl also told the priest about her encounter with the rabbit.

However the priest told the family that the ghost and the rabbit were harmless. They had lived in the house for years and never harmed anybody. The little boy and his sister agreed with the priest and told their parents about it too. That night two extra plates were laid for dinner – one for the ghost and the other for the rabbit. Mother had brought fresh carrots from the garden for the rabbit, which disappeared even before others had started dinner. The sound of a big burp made everyone laugh. Then they all saw something appearing on the chair where a plate had been laid for the ghost. Everyone was startled to see a weak old man sitting beside them. He smiled at them and they all ate silently that night.

The ghost and the rabbit had now become members of the family. The children played with the rabbit and fondly called Shangri-La ghost grandpa.

Shangri-La the friendly ghost
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