Kiara is a modern day red riding hood. Learn from her how to deal with strangers.

All of us have heard the story of Red Riding Hood. You will be surprised to know that fairy tales are not a thing of past. You, too, can find magic and magical characters in the real world around you. They may be good or may be bad. You must learn to tell the difference between both.

This is a story of a young girl, a little older than you, called Kiara. One day, Kiara decided to visit her grandmother who lived not too far away from her house with her uncle. On her way, Kiara bought some fresh fruits and cake for her granny. As she walked out of the shop, a strange man came near her and asked her where she was going. Kiara’s mother had told her not to talk to strangers.

What would Red Riding Hood do today

She started walking away from the stranger. The stranger came near her once again and offered her some chocolates and told her that he will drop her to her destination. Kiara politely thanked him and said, “No, thanks”. However, the man kept on requesting her to come with him.

Kiara was now getting nervous, and just then, she saw her uncle coming towards her. She rushed towards him and told him about the strange man. As her uncle tried to approach the man, he ran away. He was definitely not a good man! He could have kidnapped Kiara!  Everyone appreciated Kiara a lot for having listened to her mother and being careful of strangers.

Dear children, you, too, must be careful of people around you. Listen to what your parents tell you as they have more experience than you. They love you and that is why they are worried about your welfare always. What they tell you is for your own good, so, be nice to them, respect them, and love them with all your heart.

Word Meanings:

  • Approach-come near
  • Kidnapped-taken away forcefully
  • Welfare- good/safety

Values learnt:

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What would Red Riding Hood do today
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