Reena is a very helpful girl. One day while delivering a bag to her Daadi, she displays excellent presence of mind.

“Reena, could you take this bag to Daadi. It contains some money and clothes that she needed,” said Mom handing the bag over to Reena. “I would have gone, but Dad just called. He is on his way and I still have to get dinner ready.”

Reena had just come back from her karate class and was having her evening snacks. She was, as usual, wearing her Red hoody.

“Sure Mom. I am almost done,” agreed Reena. She was always ready to help anyone, run errands and of course ready for a fight too. Her favorite colour was red, and all her clothes were either red or had a dash of red on them. She was nicknamed Red Ever Ready by her friends or this very reason.

Reena finished her snack and picked up the bag. “Mom, I’ll go walking. I don’t feel like cycling today.”

“OK, but be careful. Don’t talk to any strangers and come back quickly,” advised Mom.

Reena laughed, “Mom please don’t worry. I am a black belt Karate girl. I can fight anyone, anywhere.”

“I know that, but I still want you to be careful,” said Mom.

“Sure, I will and anyway what can happen? Daadi lives only two buildings away.” She gave Mom a hug and stepped out into the cool evening. The sun was just setting and the street lights came on.

Near her building gate, she bumped into her friend’s mother – Aunty Sheetal. “Where are you going this late?” Aunty asked.

“Mom has asked me to give this bag of clothes and money to my grand mom,” answered Reena.

“Ok, do you want me to come with you? It’s getting dark, and it’s not safe for you to go alone.”

“No, Aunty thanks so much. Daadi lives just two buildings away. I will be fine,” said Reena, giving a big smile.

Red Ever Ready and her presence of mindNow unknown to Reena, Raju the robber was standing behind a tree listening to the conversation. His eye was on Reena’s bag. He knew he would not be able to snatch it on the road with so many people around, so he reached her grandma’s building, by scaling two walls. He hid in the dark garden at the entrance of the building, waiting for Reena.

Soon, she walked in through the gates, humming a soft tune and swinging the bag. As she neared the building, Raju changed his voice and called out to her, “Reena, is that you my dear? Come closer I can’t see you very clearly.”

Reena stood at the edge of the garden and peered in. “Who are you, I can’t see you,” she called out.

“I am your Daadi’s friend,” said Raju. “Come closer, I can’t see too well. I have been waiting for you. Your Daadi has stepped out for some work and has asked me to take the bag from you.

“But your voice sounds funny,” said Reena taking a step back.

“I can’t hear you very clearly,” answered Raju. “Come a little closer. Here, take these keys back to your mom. Your daadi has asked me to give them to you.”

Reena was a little suspicious, but at the same time, she was a bit confused too. “Why should I get scared of an old lady,” she thought to herself and stepped into the dimly lit garden.  As soon as she was close enough, Raju jumped forward and snatched the bag. He pulled it hard, thinking that a young girl was no match for his strength. But he was in for a big surprise. Reena was quick to act; she gave a super strong pull, which made Raju stumble. Using one of her karate kicks she had him down in a jiffy. She pinned his hand back and sat on him.

Red Ever Ready

“Help!  Let me go,” cried Raju in pain.

“I am not letting you go anywhere,” said Reena. She tied his hands with the straps of the bag and took out her mobile. She called the police and her grand mom.

Daadi, who had been waiting inside, came running out and gave Raju a nice beating too. Soon the police arrived and took him away. He had learned his lesson; he would never trouble little girls again.

But you too must learn a lesson, always be prepared and be alert like Red Every Ready Reena and be wary of strangers.

Word meanings:

  • Hoody – a hooded shirt, jacket, or other top.
  • Jiffy – second
  • Wary – careful / on your guard

Values learnt:

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Red Ever Ready and her presence of mind
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