There was a small, little boy – innocent and pure. Just like his name – Sagar, which meant ‘the sea’, he was as pure as the sea water and as big hearted as the Ocean.

He liked playing a lot. But more than playing he liked something else. And what was that?

He liked playing together with other children. But while playing he would sometimes leave the play in the middle…If he saw some waste paper lying on the ground, he didn’t like it. He would pick it up and look for a dustbin. He would throw the waste paper in to the bin and then return back to play.

Saaf Dil Wala Sagar

One day he was going somewhere with his parents. He saw an empty biscuit wrapper lying on one side of the street. He set his hand free, picked up the wrapper and threw it in the nearby dustbin.

His mother came close and asked, “Sagar, what are you doing?” He answered, “Mummy! My teacher told us in school that India is our country and it is our motherland. We should keep our motherland clean. Shouldn’t we Mom?”

On hearing this Sagar’s parents were very happy. They were proud of their young child. Their 5 year old was so wise. What will he become once he grows up?

Word meanings:

  • Innocent – not guilty of a crime or other wrong act

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Pure hearted Sagar
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