Aarushi Verma

I love eating, reading and writing. Yes, that pretty much sums up all of my interests. Did I mention eating? Moving onto other stuff, I’m an obsessive feminist and being a Naval brat, an obsessive patriot. I’ve spent a major chunk of my life near the sea and love everything about it from its vastness to its distinct smell and would love to share stories about life near the seashore in later editions. My favourite authors are Jane Austen and Jhumpa Lahiri and I am as fond of reading classics as I am of reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. Fun fact about myself: I’m 18 and have no idea what path is it that I wish to carve out for myself. I’m also the sort of person who makes extremely optimistic deadlines, lazes around in the weekend and then gets jittery when I can’t approach the deadline.

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