This is a description about an imaginary creature (from the eyes of a small child) that may or may not live on one of the newly discovered planets. This is from a future time when astronauts have finally managed to reach those planets and study the planets and its environment.

The name of the creature I am describing is Poisosaurs. He and his friends live on one of the newly discovered planets. The Poisosaurs is the tallest creature on that planet and maybe on Earth too! Since they are so huge and newly discovered it is difficult to measure their height and weight.

This creature is full of poison and that is why it is called the Poisosaurs. It eats rocks and mud that is found on that planet. Poisosaurs can live without oxygen also and that is why they can live on that planet.


Poisosaurs has small spikes filled with poison on its back that it shoots at its enemy which kills the enemy easily. These creatures are dark blue and green in colour. They have six legs and sharp teeth that also have poison in it.

Maybe Poisosaurs lived on Earth long time back I am not sure but they look very scary and I hope they stay on their planet only and don’t ever come to Earth.

Poisosaurs: The creature from a far off planet
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